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Low Rank High Rank G-Level
Blademaster Blademaster Blademaster
Gunner Gunner Gunner

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User Contribution
GeneStarwind Provided all of the armor images and all most all tables/info.

Rarity 6

Mafumofu S Armor

Leather S Armor

Chain S Armor

Hunter's S Armor

Bone S Armor

Battle S Armor

Velociprey S Armor

Vespoid S Armor

Hi-Metal S Armor

Hornet S Armor

Genprey S Armor

Ioprey S Armor

Kut-Ku S Armor

Cephalos S Armor

Conga S Armor

Gypceros S Armor

Khezu S Armor

Hermitaur S Armor

Hypno S Armor

Basarios S Armor

Plesioth S Armor

Monoblos S Armor

Garuga S Armor

Blango S Armor

Ceanataur S Armor

Rathian S Armor

Narga S Armor

Tigrex S Armor

Rathalos S Armor

Diablos S Armor

Gravios S Armor

Rarity 7

Leather U Armor

Chain U Armor

Hunter's U Armor

Bone U Armor

Battle U Armor

Giaprey U Armor

Vespoid U Armor

Hi-Metal U Armor

Hornet U Armor

Genprey U Armor

Ioprey U Armor

Kut-Ku U Armor

Cephalos U Armor

Conga U Armor

Gypceros U Armor

Khezu U Armor

Hermitaur U Armor

Basarios U Armor

Plesioth U Armor

Blango U Armor

Ceanataur U Armor

Diablos U Armor

Gravios U Armor

Rarity 8

Black Belt S Armor

Shinobi Armor (Heaven)

Shinobi Armor (Earth)

Red Guild Guard Armor 1

Red Guild Guard Armor 2

Blue Guild Guard Armor 1

Blue Guild Guard Armor 2

DummyGN 1

DummyGN 2

Puppet Master Armor (Gun)

Obituary/Butterfly S Armor

Death Stench S Armor

Supreme Extravagant Armor

Kushala S Armor

Kirin S Armor

Genesis/Glyph Haku Armor

Sumpreme Steadfast Armor

Kaiser S Armor

Dragon S Armor

Dark Akantor Armor

Bistro Suit U Armor

Shinobi Armor (Sky)

Shinobi Armor (Sea)

Guardian U/Helper U Armor 1

Guardian U/Helper U Armor 2

Melahoa U Armor

Makluva U Armor

Monodevil U Armor

Rathian Heart U Armor

Rathalos Soul U Armor

Golden Moon Armor

Silver Sol Armor

Genesis/Glyph Ten Armor

Fatalis Armor

White Fatalis Armor

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