As of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, you can hire a Felyne Comrade (or "Felyne Fighter") that will aid you in a quest. While a total of 13 Felyne Comrades can be hired at once, only three Felynes can be listed as "active". Active Felyne Comrades participate in training, which you can set on the Comrade Board. Although you may have up to three active Felyne Comrades, only one can come with you on a mission at a time.

In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, your Felyne Comrade cannot come with you in Online Gathering Hall Missions (however, you can bring them in Offline Gathering Hall missions) or when you fight large monsters like Lao Shan Lung or Shen Gaoren. However, this is possible in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. You can bring them when fighting the Jhen Mohran, for example. Not only this, but Monster Hunter Portable 3rd allows for up to two Felyne Comrades to come on quests with you to better simulate multiplayer play.


Hiring a Felyne Comrade

You may hire a Felyne Comrade from the same Old Lady you would hire your Felyne Chefs from. Sometimes she sells Comrades, sometimes she sells Chefs.

When looking at a Comrade for hire, you will see a chart with the list of the Comrade's stats, which follows the format listed below:

  • First Leader: The Felyne Comrade's owner.
  • Comrade LV: How high the Felyne's level is. The level limit is 20, but attack and defense can still be increased through development.
  • Attack: How strong the Comrade's attacks are.
  • Defense: How high the defense of the Felyne is.
  • Fondness: How fond the Comrade is of you. This will affect behavior on quests. For example, if you have the Snowman effect, the Comrade can potentially attack you, which negates the Snowman effect.
  • Coloration: What type/color of Felyne it is. The effects of a Felyne's coloration are only visual.
  • Temperament: What kind of personality has (how it acts in the middle of battle; fearless, cautious, etc.).
  • Slash/Strike: Whether the Comrade uses Slash or Impact attacks. Impact has the K.O. effect, stunning monsters if hit on the head enough. Slash can sever tails.
  • Attack Pref: How the Felyne fights and what it uses during battle (Weapon, Bombs, both or doesn't attack at all).

The Comrade Board

The Comrade board is located in the kitchen. It is located by your active Felyne Comrades. You can only have 3 Felyne Comrades active at a time, the others cannot be seen, and they cannot develop while not active.

These are the board's options:

  • Growth: Have your Cats undergo training that raises their stats.
  • Comrade Skills: Give your Felynes special skills with the points they have gained (up to 3 skills per Felyne).
  • Active/Reserve: Switch your active Feylnes, and which one is your Comrade.
  • Armor: Choose the armor your Felynes wear (only for visual effects). Possible types of armor are Mafumofu, Acorn Mail and a downloadable Felyne Samurai set. This armor makes your Comrade's weapon change into a Katana if they are Slash type, or a wooden hammer if they are Impact. Attack power does not effect the weapon's visual image.
  • Change/Dismiss: Turn your Fighter into a Felyne chef, or dismiss a fighter
  • Comrade Transfer: Exchange Comrades with your friends.


In this option you can choose what type of training your cat does while you are out on missions. These will slowly raise your Comrades's stats. Whenever you level up one skill through development, the opposite skill loses one point. For example, if you gain 1 attack power point, you lose 1 defence point. Once your Felyne Fighter becomes level 20, the highest Felyne level, it can continue to gain attack, defence, and skill points, but at a slower rate.

  • Hand To Hand: Increases the Comrade's experience value.
  • Dumbbells: Increases Attack.
  • Situps: Increases Defense.
  • Forms: Increases Defense and Attack at the same time slowly.
  • Meditation: Increases the Comrade's points (used to acquire Skills).
  • Rest: The Comrade takes a break, slowly raising its Loyalty.

Weapon Upgrade

As your Felyne Comrade levels up and its attack power becomes stronger, its weapon will change visually. See the chart below:

Attack Power Slash Weapon Impact Weapon Divider
0~150 Bone Pick Catspaw 10.6
150~300 Crystal Pick Acorn Hammer 8.9
301+ Ochre Scythe Barrel Hammer 8.0

Points and Skills

As your Felyne Comrade fights alongside you, it gains points. These points can be used to give your Comrade "Skills" which will aid you/them in the midst of battle. However, a Comrade can only have a maximum of 3 skills at once. You can have a Comrade unlearn skills in order to free up a slot to learn a new skill. Unlearning a skill gives a half refund of the total point cost.

Skill Point Cost Description How To Unlock
Flute 20 Your Felyne Comrade sees you are in danger and plays a flute to attract your attacker. Starts With Skill
Demon Flute 60 Your Felyne Comrade plays a tune that raises both you and the Felyne Fighter's attack power. Starts With Skill
Armor Flute 60 Your Felyne Comrade plays a tune that enhances both you and the Felyne Comrade's defense. Starts With Skill
Antidote Flute 30 Felyne Comrade plays a tune that cleanses of any impurities and cures Poison status. Starts With Skill
Health Flute 70 Your Felyne Comrade plays a tune that recovers a small amount of your health when needed. Starts With Skill
True Health Flute 120 Your Felyne Comrade learns to play a tune that will recover a larger amount of your health. Achieve 4 Loyalty Hearts
Element Atk Fire 15 Imbues Felyne Comrade's melee weapon with Fire element. Starts With Skill
Element Atk Water 15 Imbues Felyne Comrade's melee weapon with Water element. Starts With Skill
Element Atk Ice 15 Imbues Felyne Comrade's melee weapon with Ice element. Starts With Skill
Element Atk Thunder 15 Imbues Felyne Comrade's melee weapon with Thunder element. Starts With Skill
Element Atk Dragon 30 Imbues Felyne Comrade's melee weapon with Dragon element. Take Felyne to fight any Elder Dragon
Elemental Attack Up 50 Enhances your Felyne Comrade's attacks with elemental properties, increasing their effectiveness. Take Felyne to fight a Rathalos or Rathian
Status Atk Poison 60 Imbues Felyne Comrade's melee weapon with a Poison effect. Take Felyne to fight an Iodrome, Gypceros, or Chameleos
Status Atk Paralysis 60 Imbues Felyne Comrade's melee weapon with a Paralysis effect. Take Felyne to fight a Gendrome, Cephadrome, or Khezu
Status Atk Sleep 60 Imbues Felyne Comrade's melee weapon with a Sleep effect. Take Felyne to fight a Plesioth, Basarios, Gravios, or Hypnocatrice
Abnormal Status Attack Up 120 Enhances your Felyne Comrade's attacks with status effects, increasing their effectiveness. Take Felyne to fight a Plesioth, Lunastra, or Teostra
Wind Negate 100 Felyne Comrade is immune to most wind Wind effects. This skill does not protect from Dragon level Wind effects. Take Felyne Comrade to fight a Kushala Daora or any monster that has wind effect
Earplugs 140 (All Roar effects are nullified.) Take Felyne Comrade to fight a Yian Garuga or Tigrex.
Attack Up 60 Raises your Felyne Comrade's attack. (Increases by 20.) Take Felyne to fight a Yian Kut-Ku, Monoblos, Diablos, or Rathalos
Defense Up 90 Raises your Felyne Comrade's defense. (Increases by 30.) Take Felyne to fight a Basarios or Gravios
Health Up 120 Raises your Felyne Comrade's health. Take Felyne to fight a Congalala, Blangonga, or Rajang
Guard Percentage Up 70 Your Felyne Comrade learns how to defend himself well and raises its blocking effectiveness. Take Felyne to fight a Daimyo Hermitaur, Shogun Ceanataur, Terra Shogun Ceanataur, Plum Daimyo Hermitaur, or Kushala Daora
Hyperdrive 100 Your Felyne Comrade gains enhanced mobility and raises its movement and gathering speed. Take Felyne to fight a Tigrex, Narga, or Kirin
Speedy Recovery 130 Your Felyne Comrade recovers from injuries faster and lessens the time taken to recuperate. Get at Felyne Lvl. 18
Affinity Attack 80 Your Felyne Comrade will be more likely to deal a critical hit. Get at Felyne Lvl. 5
Rob 'em Blind 100 Your Felyne Comrade will be able to steal items when a success hit is landed. Get at Felyne Lvl. 10
Shock Traps 160 Your Felyne Comrade will be able to set Shock Traps. Get at Felyne lvl. 18
Bomb Strength Up 150 Raises the power of you Felyne Comrade's bombs. Get at 3 Loyalty Hearts
Bomb Dmg Reduction 90 Reduces Bomb damage done to both Felyne Comrade and Hunter. Get at Felyne Lvl. 6
Lg Barrel Bomb Skill 140 Your Felyne Comrade will sometimes use Large Barrel Bombs to attack the enemy. (Only if it can normally use bombs.) Get at Felyne Lvl. 13
Poison Negate 30 Felyne Comrade is immune to poison. Take Felyne to fight an Iodrome.
Clairvoyance 70 Felyne Comrade can detect or see where a large monster is. Get at Felyne Lvl. 8
Say No To Gathering 90 Felyne Comrade won't gather any items in the area and it's attack will be increased Get at Felyne Lvl. 12
Workaholic 80 Felyne Comrade attacks and does not rest. Drains Felyne Fighter's strength and lowers health. Get at Felyne Lvl. 15
Fall 7x, Get Up 8x 120 Felyne Comrade comes back after recovering with increased fervor and attack power. (Power increases by 10, to a maximum of 80.) Get at Felyne Lvl 14
In a Corner 150 Felyne Comrade receives a great attack and defense boost, but will not recover until quest end. Get at Felyne Lvl. 20

During Battle


  • During battle, your Comrade can distract the monster, possibly saving your life so many hunters find it easier to fight with a comrade.
  • If your Comrade has the ability to use Bombs, these Bombs can double as a Sonic Bomb, good for fighting monsters such as Yian Kut Ku, Plesioth, or other monsters sensitive to loud noises.
  • If you are covering your ears from a monster's roar, and your Comrade was not affected, they can run up to the hunter and strike them to negate the roar; this is the same for the Sleep Ailment, when you are dazed, or when you are frozen by a Giadrome, Kushala Daora, or Blangonga. A higher Fondness rating results in this behavior occurring more often.
  • If your Comrade has the proper skills, they can deploy Shock Traps to stun a monster for attack or capture.


  • Your Comrade can gather from Gathering Points, resulting in extra items or materials. You collect these items at an additional reward screen for the Comrade, which appears after the hunter's reward screen.
  • Your Comrade cannot carve, but if it knows the "Rob 'Em Blind" skill, it may occasionally steal an item from the monster when it attacks, which uses the same percentage system as carving.

Fighting Style

Comrades have many different styles of fighting during battle:

  • Bombs Only: Comrade will never directly attack and only use Bombs.
  • Weapon Only: Comrade will never use bombs and only attack directly.
  • Mainly Bombs: Comrade will mostly use bombs and occasionally use his weapon.
  • Mainly Weapon: Comrade will mostly use his weapons and occasionally use Bombs.
  • Balanced: Comrade will use Bombs and his weapon equally.
  • Doesn't Attack: Comrade never attacks (They will still attack you to shake off KO, sleep, etc.)


Character Attack Preference Healing Rate Attacking Target
Fool Hardy More Melee VrySlow Heal Mostly Lg Monsters
Brave More Melee Slow Heal Mostly Lg Monsters
Average Both Equal Normal Heal Balanced
Cautious More Bombs Fast Heal Mostly Sm Monsters
Cowardly More Bombs VryFast Heal Mostly Sm Monsters
Scrapper Only Melee Normal Heal Balanced
Weapon Lover Only Melee Normal Heal Balanced
Prefer Weapon More Weapon Normal Heal Balanced
Bomb Lover Only Bombs Normal Heal Balanced
Prefer Bombs More Bombs Normal Heal Balanced
Aims Large More Melee Normal Heal Only Lg Monsters
Aims Small More Melee Normal Heal Only Sm Monsters
Peace Loving No Attacking Normal Heal No Attacking
Double KO Only Bombs VrySlow Heal Only Lg Monsters