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Welcome to the MHFO: Navigation Guide. A Guide that covers a great deal of the aspects a players will have to deal with once they get online in Monster Hunter Frontier.

Navigation in this context refers to one of its key definitions and is intended to help both experienced and new players find their way in the world of Japanese Monster Hunter.

What does this Guide Provide

A series of pictures, edited to contain text, markings and references to a multitude of in-game menus the player will have to navigate through as well as providing basic and in-depth information about key aspects that come to pass while playing MHFO. This also includes how-to's such as utilising the Hunter's Camp in-quest, gathering, and miscellaneous hunting activities.

What does this Guide Not Provide

  • Strategies on how to deal with behavioural patterns of monsters and widely-used methods to take down monsters as quickly and effortlessly as possible.
  • Videos.
  • Setup Configuration Tutorials (such as configuring a gamepad, managing your account, etc).

Why this Style for a Guide

A common problem among those who are involved in gaming communities and the internet in general is that people do not like to read. If it isn't short then it's tl;dr (too long, didn't read). They prefer looking at pictures and videos instead.

For that reason this guide has been composed using a combination of visual material and plain text. It grants readers the choice to skip anything that is irrelevant to their interests and leave it up to themselves whether to read the included explanations or not while not missing out on the key details that they're looking for.

How-to use this Guide

Click on one of the images with your mouse's left button to open the galleries and become able to move from 1 picture to another like a slideshow. Move cursor away from the picture to get rid of the upper and lower borders that cover the images when opening a gallery.

Press the Scroller to quickly jump to the selected File's page and click on the image again to view it in Full Resolution (recommended).

Navigation (Town)

Mezeporta Square


Caravan Site (HR17+)

Guild Hall (HR3+)

Navigation (My Stuff)

My House

My Gallery

My Garden

My Tore (HR51+)

My Halk

My Mission

Navigation (Quest)

Hunter's Camp

Veggie Elder


Secret Areas

Navigation (Other)

World and Land Selection

Private Rooms

Navigation (How-To's)

Joining a Guild (heavy on text)

Joining and Looking up Guilds (simple)

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