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Weapon Sheathed

PSTRI = Draw Weapon
PSTRI + R = Quick Draw & Defensive stance
PSTRI + Direction = Quick Draw + Rushing Upward attack


PSTRI = Forward Thrust (can be chained)
Direction + PSTRI = Rushing upward thrust
After Rushing upward thrust PSTRI = Forward Thrust (can be chained)
PSTRIPSO = Upward Swing
After Upward Swing PSTRI = Diagonal Attack (can be chained)
R(HOLD) = Defense
R + PSTRI = Diagonal Attack (can be chained)


PSO = Forward Gunshot
After Any Forward Thrust PSO = Forward Gunshot (Can be used to link chains)
After Diagonal Attack PSO = Diagonal Shell shot
After Upward Swing PSO = Upward Shell shot
R + PSTRIPSO = Wyvern's Fire  (breaks the chain)

After any Gunshot can use PSTRI to chain combos


PSX / After any Attack PSX = Back-step (Can be used to link chains)
After any Attack PSX + Left Or Right Direction = Side step (Can be used to link chains).


R + PSO = Reload, if ammo isnt full.
After Backstep PSO = Backstep-Reload or Backstep-Shell shot, if ammo is full.

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