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MHF2: Trenya GuideEdit

This Article shall list the obtainable items from Trenya in Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

Unlocking TrenyaEdit

There are two ways to unlock Trenya on your Pokke Farm. One way is to buy the "Trenya's Boat" Farm Equipment from the man near the Pokke Farm's entrance for 500 Pokke Points. The other way is to download "Trenya's Boat" from the Bonus section of the Download option.


  • Sending Trenya on an adventure requires the Hunter to sponsor him with Pokke Points, in exchange for the items Trenya brings back.
  • The items Trenya brings back are dependent on his destination and how many Pokke Points the Hunter gives him for his adventure.
  • Trenya can be sent on an adventure roughly after every Quest a Hunter takes. Though some missions, such as Gathering Quests, will require multiple outings to see him return to the farm.
  • Trenya accepts 200, 300, 500, and up to 1000 Pokke Points at a time.
  • Trenya can be sent to the snowy Mountains, Jungle, Desert, Swamp, Forest and Hills, and the Volcano.

Unlocking Point AmountsEdit

When a Hunter first purchases Trenya's Boat, they at first can only fund Trenya for up to 200 points at a time and be sent to a few regions. As the Hunter progresses in the game, Trenya can be sent on newer Areas, and for higher points which in turn, would yield better items.

The list below are certain conditions that must be met to unlock them:

Points Requirements
200 Points Available from the beginning.
300 Points Clear Village 3* Khezu Urgent Quest.
500 Points Clear Guild 5* Shen Gaoren or Village Troublesome Pair.
1000 Points Reach HR4 for Snowy Mountains, Jungle, Desert, and Swamp.
Reach HR5 for Forest and Hills and Volcano


The items exclusive to Trenya are:

  • Dragonwood
  • Dragonwood+
  • Dragonmoss
  • Dragonmoss+
  • Sinister Cloth
  • Wyvern Harp (Give Trenya a total of 10,000 points)

Item ListEdit

Snowy MountainsEdit

FieldIcon01 Snowy Mountains


FieldIcon16 Jungle


FieldIcon03 Desert


FieldIcon08 Swamp

Forest and HillsEdit

FieldIcon10 Forest and Hills


FieldIcon07 Volcano

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