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New Features/Gameplay Changes

  • New Felyne Fighter system to aid soloing Hunters.
  • Eight equipment pages instead of six, and possible extension to 10.
  • New Guild Card pages: a) Felyne Fighter Info. b) Frequency of Use of Weapon Types. c) A diary showing recent quests and activities.
  • You can now hold up to 99 of each item type in your box.
  • You can now store up to 20 equipment sets.
  • New sets of Felyne Kitchen Skills, e.g. "Felyne Dance" (boosts stats on every gesture involving "Dance").
  • Extra gathering spots for bug catching and ore mining featuring new Ores and Insects.
  • Buy items and send them to the Item Box instantly.
  • Directly combine items inside the Item Box.
  • New hairstyles.
  • New Starter Clothes.
  • Able to change clothes via the bookshelf.
  • Media Install System that speeds up loading times.
  • Skip long opening animation scenes by pressing SELECT. (Lao Shan, Fatalis etc..)
  • Trenya can now be sent for 1500 Points
  • Trenya can be sent to the Great Forest.

New Equipment Features

  • New armor sets and series after U & S, the X & Z.
  • Dual Sword's Demon Dance attack hits twelve times instead of eleven.
  • Dual Swords may now have two separate elements or statuses (example: one Fire sword and one Ice sword, like Twin Nails).
  • New Bow coatings: Close Range Coating (white vial that increases damage when at close range) and Paint Coating (pink vial that functions like a Paintball)
  • Hunting Horns have a new note function that works like a Sonic Bomb (Triple yellow note).
  • New Sharpness superior to white: purple.
  • New Weapons (G weapons and new monster weapons).
  • Some weapons get further improvements. (e.g. Blue Blade Bow has Charge level 4, etc.)
  • Some weapons gets "Nerfed". Akantor Bow, for example, changes from 300 Raw power and 200 Dragon Element into 252 Raw power & 160 Dragon element. Other weapons and armor suffer similar set-backs.
  • New Armor Spheres: Royal Armor Sphere & True Armor Sphere.
  • All types of armor sphere can now be made by combining.

New Monsters, Subspecies & Features

  • New subspecies: Plum D. Hermitaur, Terra Shogun Ceanataur, Emerald Congalala, and Copper Blangonga.
  • One-Horned Diablos quest added as a Level 9 Elder Cat Quest and a HR 6 Quest in the Guild Hall.
  • Old monsters get new attacks and different attack reactions (Such as predicting Teostra's Powder explosion via color of the particle, etc.).
  • New monsters: Nargacuga, Yama Tsukami (previously found in Monster Hunter Dos, which never got released outside Japan), Queen Vespoid, Ukanlos, King Shakalaka, and Hypnocatrice.
  • Two Monster Hunter Frontier monsters are carried over to this game; Hypnocatrice and Lavasioth.
  • Addition of rare materials: Hvnly Scales, Big Elder Dragon Jewels (HR 9 version of Fire Dragon Jewel, Daora Jewel and Chameleos Jewel) and Ukanlos Stone.
  • New sets of skills; some are exclusive to a specific armor set and can't be gotten from decorations.

New Quest Features/Quest Changes

  • Third quest giver wearing yellow in Guild that gives out G-Lvl quests.
  • Hunter Rank can go up to 9 instead of 6, third quest giver has the HR 7-9 quests.
  • A Felyne next to Village Elder, giving out High Rank quests.
  • New area: The Great Forest.
  • New area: Moat Arena.
  • 1st Generation maps of Jungle, Volcano, Desert and Swamp added.
  • Forest and Hills quests can now be at night.
  • Two new areas in the 2nd Volcanic region.
  • New quest system called "Epic Hunting Quest" where you fight 2 or more boss monsters in one quest, one at a time, and defeated monsters can be carved to obtain Mega-Potions.
  • Treasure Quests can now be played at the Great Forest.

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