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Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is the English equivalent of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd released in Japan. It is an expansion of Monster Hunter 2 with the omission of Yama Tsukami. Instead, two more monsters, the Tigrex and Akantor were added.

Improvements and Additions

  • Improved graphics
  • Item and Equipment list now 6 pages instead of 4
  • Maximum rarity increased from 7 (orange) to 8 (red)
  • Gunlances, Dual Swords, Long Swords, Bows and Hunting Horns added since Monster Hunter 2.
  • Download system that allows you to download quests(up to 6 at a time) and bonuses such as Poogie outfits.
  • A set of MH2 monsters returning under their new English names.
  • Farm points (Pokke Points) are a different currency and cannot be retrieved from selling things; Only from gathering quests & any other methods.
  • Unlike MH2, the day and night effect is now fixed on the selected quests.
  • G-rank quests have been removed.
  • Timing of roars and monster sound coordinated are improved.
  • An improved Pokke Farm.
  • Many more new plants, ores, bugs, carves, armor and weapons.
  • Instant transportation from exits of areas.
  • New Training School options.
  • New clothes.
  • Treasure quests can now be played with one player.

Monster Hunter Dual Pack

Game Cover-MHF2 and MHFU Dual Pack

On October 17, 2011, Capcom released Monster Hunter Dual Pack, containing both Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in one UMD Disc.

It is available in GameStop for $14.99.

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