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  • Weapon Names in bold are the final upgrade/s to that Weapon's path.
  • Weapon Names in italic can be crafted from the 'Create Weapon' list.
  • Click on the Weapon's Name for a more detailed information about the Weapon, including Creation / Upgrade Materials, Costs, and Japanese Name Equivalents.


1stGen-Great Sword Equipment Render 002
1stGen-Sword and Shield Equipment Render 002
1stGen-Dual Blades Equipment Render 001
Great Sword
Weapon TreeImages
Sword and Shield
Weapon TreeImages
Dual Blades
Weapon TreeImages

1stGen-Hammer Equipment Render 002
1stGen-Lance Equipment Render 002
Weapon TreeImages
Weapon TreeImages


1stGen-Light Bowgun Equipment Render 002
1stGen-Heavy Bowgun Equipment Render 002
Light Bowgun
Weapon TreeImages
Heavy Bowgun
Weapon TreeImages

General Information

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