"Hunting Life - A Monthly Magazine For Hunters"

Unlike MHF2/MHFU which had 7 topics, the Hunting Life magazine on Monster Hunter Freedom only has 5 topics.

The World of Minegarde

Title Link
1. About the Forest and Hills read
2. About the Jungle read
3. About the Desert read
4. About the Swamp read
5. About the Volcanic Belt read
6. About the Fortress read
7. About Castle Schrade read

Tools of the Trade - Melee Weapons

Title Link
1. Melee Weapons Usage 1 read
2. Melee Weapons Usage 2 read
3. Weapon Creation And Improvement Part 1 read
4. Weapon Creation And Improvement Part 2 read
5. Sword read
6. Great Sword read
7. Hammer read
8. Lance read
9. Dual Blades read

Tools of the Trade - Bowguns

Title Link
1. Bowgun Usage 1 read
2. Bowgun Usage 2 read
3. About Ammunition 1 read
4. About Ammunition 2 read
5. Bowgun Creation and Improvement read

The Beasts of Minegarde

Title Link
1. About Monster Materials read
2. About Velociprey Breeds read
3. About Felynes read
4. About Insects read
5. About Wyverns 1 read
6. About Wyverns 2 read
7. Lao-Shan Lung read

Hunter's Notes - Other Important Articles

Title Link
1. About Combining read
2. About Fishing read
3. About Items 1 read
4. About Items 2 read
5. Veggie Elder read
6. The Hero of Kokoto read
7. The Legend of the Black Dragon read
8. About the Training School read
9. About the Guild Card read

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