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Name Description Cost
PowerDrink Power Drink Attack and Defense will get a boost during a Quest. Contains a subtle strawberry flavor. 10000z
SlowDrink Slow Drink Time will pass slower during a Quest. Contains a subtle grape flavor. 10000z
LuckyDrink Lucky Drink Increase the amount of Materials you'll receive. Contains a subtle melon flavor. 10000z

In-App Items

Name Description Cost
PowerDrinkG Power Drink G Attack and Defense will get a big boost during a Quest. Contains a bold, fizzy strawberry-flavor. $0.99
SlowDrinkG Slow Drink G Time will not count during a Quest, eliminating Time Overs. Contains a bold, fizzy grape-flavor. $0.99
LuckyDrinkG Lucky Drink G Net even more Materials, and increases the chances of acquiring rare items. Contains a bold, fizzy melon-flavor. $0.99


Name Description
ItemIcon008g Giant Beak The huge, sturdy beak of a Yian Kut-ku.
ItemIcon021c Kut-Ku Ear The Fire-resistant ear of a Kut-Ku. Its elasticity makes it good for crafting.
ItemIcon011c Kut-Ku Scale Pink colored scale from a Kut-Ku. Fire-resistant.
ItemIcon036b Hermitaur Claw Giant claw from a Daimyo Hermitaur. The sharp claw can slice through rock.
ItemIcon021a Wyvern Skull Shell A Carapaceon shell made from a wyvern's skull.
ItemIcon023e Hermitaur Shell This stratified Daimyo shell is lighter than it appears and easy to craft.
ItemIcon036g Congalala Fang The fang of a Congalala is solid enough to crush objects into dust.
ItemIcon036g Congalala Claw A Congalala Claw. Large and sharp, it has a black luster.
ItemIcon008b Brute Bone The stout bone of a brutish monster. An easy to work material.
ItemIcon021 Khezu Special Cut Supreme quality cut among all that red Khezu flesh. Not especially tasty...
ItemIcon021 Pale Khezu Steak Fatty red meat from a Pale Khezu. Looks tasty, but cannot be eaten.
ItemIcon021 Pale Bone Rib bone from a Khezu with meat still attached.
ItemIcon003c Basarios Tears Faintly pink gems found near the tear ducts of a Basarios.
ItemIcon021a Basarios Wing A Basarios's majestic wing: great for flying, but very hard to work as a material.
ItemIcon021a Basarios Shell Shell from a Basarios. Rock-like consistency Can be forged into metal.
ItemIcon011d Blue Kut-Ku Scale Scale of extremely rare Blue Kut-Ku. Makes vivid blue armor.
ItemIcon028 Blangonga Whisker Large whiskers on the head denote the alpha leader of a group of Blangos.
ItemIcon036 Blangonga Fang The fang of the killer Blangonga. As sharp and deadly as a dagger.
ItemIcon025b Rathian Ruby A rare, precious gem form inside a wyvern. Almost too nice to use.
ItemIcon011g Rathian Scale A scale from a Rathian, or female Rathalos, known to live around her nest.
ItemIcon021i Fire Wyvern Fluid Heat producing body fluids forma fire wyvern. Useful in equipment crafting.
ItemIcon008e Sharpened Beak The sharpened beak of Yian Garuga. Comapred to a Kut-Ku, it's much deadlier.
ItemIcon008e Garuga Ear Its shape and form shows a different evolutionary path than Yian Kut-Ku.
ItemIcon011f Garuga Scale Scale carved from Yian Garuga. It shines an ominous purple.
ItemIcon045e Electro Sac A monster's internal organ. This can store electricity, then release it in one go.
ItemIcon023c Ceanataur Pincer Seeing a Shogun's pincer blade causes even the bravest hunter to flinch.
ItemIcon023c Ceanataur Shell A giant Shogun Ceanataur Shell. Has a distinctive color and shape.
ItemIcon036b Blood Red Horn Deep red Monoblos horn. Its size is fitting of the monster's name.
ItemIcon021i Monoblos Shell Grey-colored shell from a Monoblos, which covers it form head to toe.
ItemIcon011c Pink Rathian Sale Scale from a Pink Rathian, that resembles a dream-like flower petal.
ItemIcon021f Tigrex Skull Shell The skull of the violent Tigrex. Just as dreadful as the living version.
ItemIcon036d Tigrex Claw A distinctive forelimb claw unseen on other wyverns. Fiendishly sharp.
ItemIcon011e Tigrex Scale Scale from the incredibly violent Tigrex. Incredibly massive and sturdy.
ItemIcon021i Gravios Brain Stem The brain stem is a precious, but hard to craft, piece of Gravios.
ItemIcon021 Gravios Shell The stone-like shell of a Gravios. May contain traces of ore.
ItemIcon008c Monster Bone A very useful material, indispensable for both hunting and daily life.
ItemIcon003a Iron Ore Ore that can be smelted into metal and used for many different purposes.
ItemIcon003e Machalite Ore Better than Iron Ore. Used to make Machalite. Also called Sparrowstone.
ItemIcon003i Firestone Combusts at room temperature. Can only be mixed with suitable materials.
ItemIcon003b Ice Crystal Will not thaw at room temperatures. Confirmed to increase ore density.
ItemIcon021e Plesioth Fin A beautiful fin from a Plesioth. The spikes are stunningly poisonous.
ItemIcon045f Poison Sac A monster's internal organ. Contains a lethal poison.
ItemIcon016e Speartuna A rare and valuable giant-sized fish. What could it be used for...?