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Note: Achievements in Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting are unlocked in the game when a player manages to accomplish specific tasks required. All achievements have yet to be released.

Achievement numbers in black are yet to be released to the game.

No. Title Name How to Obtain
1 MHDH Hunter Hunter Play the game once.
2 MHDH SnS User Sword and Shield User Defeat a monster with a Sword and Shield.
3 [[File:]] Great Sword User Defeat a monster with a Great Sword.
4 MHDH DS User Dual Blades User Defeat a monster with Dual Blades.
5 MHDH Hammer user Hammer User Defeat a monster with a Hammer.
6 MHDH Lance User Lance User Defeat a monster with a Lance.
8 MHDH Medal of Friendship Medal of Friendship Play with another person
9 MHDH Stone Medal Stone Medal Clear all Level 1 Quests.
10 MHDH Iron Medal Iron Medal Clear all Level 2 Quests.
11 MHDH Bronze Medal Bronze Medal Clear all Level 3 Quests.
12 MHDH Silver Medal Silver Medal Clear all Level 4 Quests.
13 [[File:]] Gold Medal Clear all Level 5 Quests.
15 MHDH Rookie Rookie Completed a Quest without using a single Potion (excluding the tutorial Quest).
16 MHDH Veteran Veteran Completed a Level 2 or higher Quest without using a continue.
17 MHDH Master Master Complete a Level 3 or higher Quest without taking any damage.
18 MHDH Researcher Researcher Max out any Weapon.
19 MHDH Regular Regular Max out any Armor
20 MHDH Red Bird Red Bird Hunt 10 Yian Kut-Ku.
21 MHDH Buffoon Buffoon Hunt 10 Congalalas.
22 MHDH Solid Shield Solid Shield Hunt 10 Daimyo Hermitaurs.
23 MHDH White Darkness White Darkness Hunt 10 Khezu.
24 MHDH Hiding Rock Hiding Rock Hunt 10 Basarios.
25 MHDH Hercules Hercules Hunt 10 Blangongas.
26 MHDH Dragon Princess Dragon Princess Hunt 10 Rathians.
27 MHDH Black Wolf Black Wolf Hunt 10 Yian Garugas.
28 MHDH Sharp Saber Sharp Saber Hunt 10 Shogun Ceanataurs.
29 MHDH Single Horn Single Horn Hunt 10 Monoblos.
30 MHDH Evil Tiger Evil Tiger Hunt 10 Tigrex.
31 MHDH Blazing Mountain Blazing Mountain Hunt 10 Gravios.
32 [[File:]] King Hunt 10 Rathalos.
33 [[File:]] (?) Hunt 10 Diablos.
34 [[File:]] (?) Hunt 10 Kirin.
35 MHDH Princess Princess Hunt 10 Lunastra.
39 MHDH Ace Ace Stop a monster with a Slash Attack 10 times.
40 MHDH Star Star Stop a monster with a Barrage Attack 10 times.
41 [[File:]] (?) (?)
42 [[File:]] (?) (?)
43 [[File:]] (?) (?)
44 [[File:]] (?) (?)
45 [[File:]] (?) (?)
46 [[File:]] (?) (?)
47 [[File:]] (?) (?)
48 [[File:]] (?) (?)

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