Quest List

Lower Quests

Japanese Translation Goal Area Monsters Field Items
初めての狩り First Hunt Hunt 2 Velocipreys Jungle Popo x3, Velociprey x3 Blue Mushroom, Nitroshroom, Unique Mushroom
わくわくキノコ狩り Exciting Mushroom Hunt Gather 6 mushrooms Jungle Velociprey x3, Bullfango x1 Blue Mushroom, Parashroom, Sleep Herb, Pasa Parsley, Might Seed, Bone
初めての素材取り Material Gathering Obtain 3 Popo material Jungle Popo x4, Velociprey x1 Blue Mushroom, Parashroom, Honey
のんびりポポ狩り、それとコポポ Peaceful Popo and Kopopo Hunt Obtain 4 Popo material Jungle Popo x6, Velociprey x4, Kopopo x1 Blue Mushroom, Unique Mushroom, Nitroshroom, Parashroom
練習まとめニャ Practice Summary Nyah Hunt 3 Velocipreys Jungle Popo x3, Velociprey x4, Vespoid x2 Mushrooms, Sleep Herb, Adamant Seed, Mera Mera Nuts, Fish, Ore

Higher Quests

Japanese Translation Goal Area Monsters Field Items
Kut Ku Battle Obtain Kut Ku Ear Jungle Velociprey,Popo,Vespoid,Yian Kut Ku Blue Mushroom, Nitroshroom

Download Quests

Japanese Translation Goal Area Monsters Field Items
モンハン×ハローキティ Monster Hunter × Hello Kitty Gather 6 Mushrooms Desert Popo, Velociprey
JUMPからの依頼 The Request from JUMP Obtain 6 Giggi material Coast Giggi, Genprey, Hermitaur
マガジンからの依頼 The Magazine Request Obtain 6 Genprey material Desert Velociprey, Genprey, Yian Kut-Ku
狩人戦線からの挑戦 Hunting Front Challenge Hunt 6 Hermitaurs Coast Giggi, Genprey, Hermitaur
オトモの挑戦 Otomo Challenge Hunt 18 Velocipreys Coast Velociprey, Bullfango, Hermitaur, Rathalos
電撃挑戦! Surprise Challenge! Hunt 2 Genpreys Jungle Velociprey, Genprey, Popo, Bullfango, Vespoid
ファミ通からの依頼 Famitsu Request Obtain 3 Ioprey material Jungle Ioprey, Hermitaur, Vespoid

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