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Time Pass

You will have until the bar fills up before the next day will start. Airumura-timebar


カルチャーショック / Culture Shocked!

Culture Shock

Culture Shock happens when you discover a new item for the first time. You will be notified (see image) and with awarded SP (Shock Points). They can be used to change your 'vogue' which will influence the habit of Felynes.

Unlocking Facilities



Fishing is unlocked by giving the Dockmaster (漁場長) the item, Fishing Bait (釣りのエサ). It can be found on the beach by gathering.




Mining is unlocked by giving the Head Miner (採掘長) 3 Mining Oil (採掘の油) to break the huge boulder. You can obtain the Mining Oil either by fishing or by gathering in the flower spot next to the Director (園長).



The farming fields are unlocked by doing the Head Farmer's (農園長) quest: a quiz. Only one question can be answered per day. The answers are:




Bug sanctuary (bug catch)

Bug sanctuary is unlocked by giving Bug-catching Official (虫取り係) "Big Insect Cage" (大事な虫捕りかご) and "Big Insect Net"(大事な虫捕りあみ).
Both items can be obtained by fishing.


In addition to the Farm Boss' quiz there are others throughout the game. This section will provide the correct answers:

Farm Quiz

From: 農園長 From: Head Farmer

1. きゅうりの旬はいつだか?

Answer: 夏

2. じゃがいもはどこの部分を食べているだ?

Answer: ちかのクキ

3. オイラの婚約者はどっちだ?

Answer: 大根役者

1. What's the cucumber's Season?

Answer: Summer

2. Which part of the potato am I eating?

Answer: Underground portion

3. Which of these is my fiance?

Answer: Daikon yakusha (This is a pun. The word can mean a bad actress or a type of radish)

Insect Quiz

From: ニャーブル From: Nyaburu

1. カブトムシとクワガタムシ角があるのはどっちムシ?

Answer: カブトムシ

2. カマキリのこうぶつはどっちムシ?

Answer: ほかの虫

3. この村にいる虫はどっちムシ?

Answer: カクバッタ

1. The Common Beetles and Stag Beetles are horned _____?

Answer: Beetles

2. Which bugs do Praying Mantises eat?

Answer: Other Insects

3. Which bug is in this village?

Answer: The Bughopper

Stone Quiz

From: サファイア From: Sapphire

1. まんまるたまご、大地の結晶、2つのうち鉱石はどっちだぁ?

Answer: 大地の結晶

2. カラット、メートル、宝石の重さの谷はどっちだぁ?

Answer: カラット

3. ピッケル、肉焼きセット鉱石を採取する道具はどっちだぁ?

Answer: ピッケル

4. ピュアクリスタル、鉄鉱石、純度が高いのはどっちだぁ?

Answer: ピュアクリスタル

5. 虹色鉱石、鎧玉、交換した時のPPが高いのはどっちだぁ?

Answer: 虹色鉱石

1. Which is a type of ore? Rounded Egg or Earth Crystal?

Answer: Earth Crystal

2. The value of jewelery is measured in what? Carats or Meters?

Answer: Carats

3. Ore is collected with what? Pickaxe or BBQ Spit?

Answer: Pickaxe

4. Which is higher in purity? Pure Crystal or Iron Ore?

Answer: Pure Crystal

5. Which ore has a higher PP value? Rainbow Ore or Armor Sphere?

Answer: Rainbow Ore

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