Village Requests can be found by talking to the Chief's Son in Moga Village.

Name Requirements Reward Points Items
Fix Up the Camp! Village Lvl 1 Gain Village Lvl 2 30 None
Smarts & Crafts Village lvl 2 Gain Village lvl 3 0 Iron Ore
New Shroom Box! Village Lvl 7 Raise Mushroom box to lvl 2 80 None
New Insect Box! Village Lvl 8 Get Insect Box lvl 1 150 Monster Fluid
A Field Trip? Village lvl 9 Raise Field to lvl 2 300 Dung x2, Super Sized Dung
New Honey Box! Village lvl 11 Get lvl 1 Honey Box 300 Cactus Flower x2, Earth Crystal x2
Fluffy Mask Village lvl 12 Get Fluffy Mask 400 Qurupeco Feather x2, Warm Pelt x2, Velvety Hide x2
Insecti-pride? Village lvl 13 Raise Insect Box to lvl 2 400 Funky Pheromones x4, Carpenterbug x3
Grill Mask Village lvl 14 Get Grill Mask 400 Double BBQ Spit, Flintstone, Fire Herb x3
Super Shroom Box Village lvl 15 Max Shroom Box 500 Monster fluid, Shroom Germ + x3, Big Fin
Honey To Burn Village Lvl 15 Raise Honey Box to lvl 2 400 Dash extract, cactus flower x2, bizzy bees x2
Reel Deal Village lvl 15 Fish Ingredients lvl Up 500 Gobul whisker, bone x10, frog x3
Field of Dreams Village lvl 16 Field Lvl up 500 fertile mud x2, super-sized dung x2, catalyst x2
Milk Run Village lvl 17 Milk Ingredients lvl up 500 Ivy x10, Mega Nutrients x10, Pale Extract x2
Lamp Mask Village lvl 18 Get Lamp Mask 500 Flame Sac, Gobul Lantern, Machalite Ore x4
Calling All Bugs Village lvl 19 Max Insect Box 500 Bugmaker! Pro x4, Killer beetle x3
Ancient Mask Village lvl 22 Can get Ancient Mask from behind waterfall at the farm 500 Lagiacrus Scale x2, Sharqskin, Pelagacite Ore x4
One Chance Village lvl 24 Gain Village lvl 25 1500 Gigginox Hide x2, Rath Talon x2, Machalite Ore x8
The Bee's Knees Village lvl 26 Max Honey Box 500 Pale Extractm Cactus Flower x4, Bizzy Bees x2
Nullberry Mask Village lvl 28 Get Nullberry Mask 800 Nullberry x5, Bathycite Ore x2, King Scarab x3
Yeast Rising Village lvl 28 Grain Ingredients lvl up 800 Shroom Germ + x5, Slagtoth Hide + x5, Torrent Sac x2
Gargwa Mask Complete Under the Yolk Quest Get Gargwa Mask 800 Gargwa Feather x5, C. Peco Scale +, Lifecrystals x3
Dragonship Duty Village lvl 30 Unlock Village Quest: Rumble In the Great Desert, and Tavern Quest Rumble in the Great Desert 2000 Rathian Carapace x2, Barroth Ridge + x2, Carbalite Ore x10
Mock Melynx Village lvl 30 Get Mock Melynx Mask 800 Pawprint Stamp x3, Volvi Carapace x2, Gobul Hide + x2
Artillery Mask Complete Village Quest Rumble in the Great Desert Get Artillery Mask 800 Carbalite Ore x8, Inferno Sac x2, Mohran Carapace
Pitfall Mask Village Lvl 32 Get Pitfall Mask 1000 Pitfall Trap x3, Nibelsnarf Hide + x2, Fucium Ore x2
Rathalos Mask Village lvl 38 Get Rathalos Mask 1200 Firecell stone x3, Rathalos Plate, Rathalos Scale + x3