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  • "Effect 2" is achieved when playing the same song while "Effect 1" is in effect.
  • Under the headings "Duration" and "Extension" the duration is represented in seconds, additionaly the duration in parentheses is the duration in conjunction with the Horn Skill, Horn Maestro
  • The time of a song cannot exceed the maximum time (under "Duration") when extending the time.
  • The purple note is similar to the white note, but is only available on G-rank weapons.
  • Song effects highlighted in blue only affect yourself
White Note Horns | Purple Note Horns | Orange Note Horns

Song Table
Notes Song Effect 1 Effect 2 Duration Extension
Any Note.purpleNote.purple Movement Speed Up Attack Deflection Prevention 180(240) +90(+120)
Notes Song Effect 1 Effect 2 Duration Extension
Note.orangeNote.redNote.purple Attack Boost (L) Attack Boost Bonus 90(120) +60(+90)
Note.redNote.orangeNote.redNote.purple Knockback Protection - 45(60) - Melody Durations Extended - - +30(+40)
Notes Song Effect 1 Effect 2 Duration Extension
Note.orangeNote.blueNote.purple Attack & Defense Boost (S) Attack and Defense Boost Bonus 120(150 +90(+120)
Note.purpleNote.blueNote.blueNote.purple Defense Boost (L) Defense Boost Bonus 90(120) +60(+90) Negate Stamina Use (L) Negate Stamina Duration Bonus 120(150) +90(+120) Wind Pressure Negated All Wind Pressure Negated 180(240) +120(+180)
Notes Song Effect 1 Effect 2 Duration Extension
Note.orangeNote.aquaNote.purple Note.purpleNote.orangeNote.purpleNote.aqua Divine Protection - 120(150) - Abnormal Status Negated Abnormal Status Negated Duration Bonus 120(150) +60(+90)
Note.aquaNote.aquaNote.aqua Snow/ Mud Negated - 180(240) -
Note.aquaNote.orangeNote.orangeNote.purple Status Attack Boost Status Attack Boost Bonus 90(120) +60(+90)
Notes Song Effect 1 Effect 2 Duration Extension
Note.orangeNote.greenNote.purple Note.purpleNote.greenNote.purple Health Recovery (S) - - - Health Rec (S) & Affinity Boost Health Rec (S) & Affinity Boost Bonus 120(150) +90(+120)
Note.orangeNote.orangeNote.greenNote.purple Hearing Protection (L) - 180(240) -
Notes Song Effect 1 Effect 2 Duration Extension
Note.orangeNote.yellowNote.purple Note.purpleNote.yellowNote.orangeNote.yellow Hearing Protection (S) & Wind Pressure Negated Hearing Protection (L) & All Wind Pressure Negated 180(240) - Elemental Attack Boost Elemental Attack Boost Bonus 90(120) +60(+90)
Note.yellowNote.yellowNote.yellow Sonic Waves - - -
Note.yellowNote.orangeNote.purple Blight Resistance Boost Blight Resistance Boost Bonus 90(120) +60(+90) Blights Negated - 120(150) -

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