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Important NOTE:

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  • Numbers in the tables indicate the number of shots fired through Rapid Fire
  • Colors in the table cell will indicate the speed of the Rapid Fire (Green: Short, Yellow: Medium, Red: Long, Dark Red: V.Long)

Color Legend

Color Rapid Fire Speed

Standard Shot Table

N Lv1 N Lv2 N Lv3 Pi Lv1 Pi Lv2 Pi Lv3 Pel Lv1 Pel Lv2 Pel Lv3 Cra Lv1 Cra Lv2 Cra Lv3 Clu Lv1 Clu Lv2 Clu Lv3 Sub Lv1 Sub Lv2 Slicing
Cross Bowgun+ 3
Cross Blitz 3
Hunter's Rifle 3
Sniper Shot 3
Sniper Ascension 5 3
Barro Barrel 4
Barro Barrel+ 4
Barrozooka 4 3
Bandit Fire 3
Jaggid Fire 3
Bandit's Rage 3
Gobul Shooter 3
Crimson Angler 3
Poison Stinger 3
Valkyrie Fire 3
Gourd Shot 3
Teasel Shot 3
Thundacrus 3
Demon's Isle 3
Demon's Island 5 3
Master Kettleblower 2
God's Isle 3 3
God's Island 3 3
God's Archipelago 3 3 2
Usurper's Crime 2
Despot's Wildfire 2
Oppressor's Rift 2 2
Orcus Barqus 2 2
Nether Phloxion 2 2 2
Stygian Invidia 3 2 2

Status Shot Table

Rec Lv1 Rec Lv2 Poi Lv1 Poi Lv2 Par Lv1 Par Lv2 Slp Lv1 Slp Lv2 Exh Lv1 Exh Lv2
Bandit Fire 2
Bandit's Rage 2 2
Maelstrom 2
Maelstrom+ 2
Gobul Shooter 2
Crimson Angler 2
Poison Stinger 3
Durambarrel 3
Taurambarrel 3
Kettleblower 3 2 2
Kettleblower Deluxe 3 2 2
Master Kettleblower 3 2 2
Orcus Barqus 2

Elemental Shot Table

Fire Adell 1 Water Adell 1 Thunder Adell 1 Ice Adell 1 Dragon Adell 1 Status Effect-Slimeblight MH3U Icon
Royal Launcher 3
Royal Torrent 3
Royal Inundation 3
Maelstrom 3
Maelstrom+ 3
Blizzard Cannon 3
Thundacrus 3
Rathling Gun 3
Rathling Doombringer 3
Usurper's Crime 3
Despot's Wildfire 3
Oppressor's Rift 3
Orcus Barqus 3
Nether Phloxion 3
Stygian Invidia 2

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