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The Moga Farm is part of the Moga Village, and is a gameplay mechanic in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


In order to make use of the Farm, the player must talk to the Head Farmer, who, after greeting the player, will allow the player to choose what item he or she wishes to produce. The amount of "cycles" must also be selected before cultivation can commence, and this determines the total yield of the chosen item. Each cycle costs an amount of Resource Points, which are earned by hunting monsters in the Moga Woods, or by generating them from items. One cycle counts as a day of game time, meaning a quest must be completed to advance the cycle. Choosing more cycles will not yield more items--farming Nullberry twice with 5 cycles yields the same crop as farming once with 10 cycles. The advantage of choosing more cycles is that only one fertilizer is used for all cycles.

There are four facilities of the Moga Farm, each of which is used to grow a different type of item. These are the Fields, the Shroom Box, the Insect Box and the Bee Hive. Each of these has a Rank, which indicates how many cycles of items can be produced:

  • Rank 1 will allow the player to grow 3 'cycles' of the chosen item.
  • Rank 2 will allow the player to grow 5 'cycles' of the chosen item.
  • Rank 3 will allow the player to grow 10 'cycles' of the chosen item.

The Farm's cultivating areas can be upgraded by performing specific Village Requests, which are, in turn, unlocked by successfully completing hunting missions:

Resource Level Points Upgrade Materials Unlock Conditions
Lv1 ---- ---- ----
Lv2 300pt
  • Dung x2
  • Super-sized Dung x1
Clear ★2 "Big Game Hunting"
Lv3 500pt
  • Fertile Mud x2
  • Super-sized Dung x2
  • Catalyst x2
Clear ★4 ""Trial of the Sea Dragon"
Lv1 ---- ---- ----
Lv2 80pt ---- Clear ★1 "Farm Aid"
Lv3 500pt
  • Monster Fluid x1
  • Shroom Germ+ x3
  • Big Fin x1
Clear ★3 "Accident Investigation"
Bee Hive
Lv1 300pt
  • Cactus Flower x2
  • Earth Crystal x2
Clear ★2 "Shakalaka Savior! "
Lv2 400pt
  • Dash Extract x1
  • Cactus Flower x2
  • Bizzy Bees x2
Clear ★3 "Accident Investigation"
Lv3 500pt
  • Pale Extract x1
  • Cactus Flower x4
  • Bizzy Bees x2
Clear ★5 "The Volcano's Fury"
Lv1 150pt
  • Monster Fluid x1
Clear ★1 "No Love for Ludroth!"
Lv2 400pt
  • Funky Pheromones x4
  • Carpenterbug x3
Clear ★3 "Save Our Boat"
Lv3 500pt
  • BugMaker! Pro x4
  • Killer Beetle x3
Clear ★4 "Fell the Lagiacrus!"

Cultivatable Items

Only certain items can be cultivated by the Farm. Also, upon checking the Crop Box, the player may find extra items, such as Worms or Insect Husks. These are by-product items.


Item Resource Points By-Products
Antidote Herb 5pt -
Herb 5pt -
Needleberry 5pt Huskberry
Airweed 10pt -
Ivy 10pt -
Paintberry 10pt Huskberry
Sap Plant 10pt -
Sleep Herb 10pt -
Bomberry 20pt Huskberry
Cactus Flower 20pt Huskberry
Fire Herb 20pt Huskberry
Hot Pepper 20pt -
Nulberry 20pt Huskberry
Scatternut 20pt Huskberry
Adamant Seed 60pt -
Might Seed 80pt -
Dragonfell Berry 100pt Huskberry

Shroom Box

Item Resource Points By-Products
Blue Mushroom 5pt Worm
Toadstool 10pt -
Nitroshroom 20pt Worm
Parashroom 20pt Worm
Exciteshroom 30pt -
Dragon Toadstool 300pt Worm

Insect Box

Item Resource Points By-Products
Bughopper 10pt -
Yambug 10pt -
Bitterbug 20pt -
Snakebee Larva 20pt -
Flashbug 80pt Insect Husk
Godbug 100pt Insect Husk
Thunderbug 300pt Insect Husk

Bee Hive

Item Resource Points By-Products
Honey 40pt Insect Husk


Certain items can also be used to further increase the yield of the items cultivated.


Shroom Box

Insect Box

Bee Hive

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