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  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate features 44 awards as displayed below
  • This means that in addition to the 24 original awards featured in its predecessor Monster Hunter 3, 20 new awards have been added, thus extending the duration of the game.
  • All the awards can be obtained through single play, even if the overall difficulty of the game may seem a little bit more consequent as a result.

Awards List Numeration

Number Name


1 Chief's Garb

Clear all village quests from level ★1-5 (low rank)

2 Chief's Pipe Clear all village quests from level ★6-9 (high rank)
3 Aisha's Pendant Clear the final village urgent quest (Alatreon)
4 Copper Medal Clear all the level ★1-2 quests in Port Tanzia (low rank)
5 Silver Medal Clear all the level ★3-5 quests in Port Tanzia (high rank)
6 Gold Medal Clear all the level ★6-8 quests in Port Tanzia (G rank)
7 Champion's Badge Clear all arena quests in Port Tanzia with at least one Weapon
8 Arena Trophy Clear all arena quests with at least one Weapon in A or S rank times
9 Mark of Strength Clear all [Advanced] quests in Port Tanzia (G rank ★6-7)
10 Mark of Skill Clear all endurance quests (Mega potion carve)
11 Master Hunter's Crest Clear all quests in the game
12 Tidal Necklace Hunt a Lagiacrus (★5 village)
13 Hunter's Mark Complete the Dire Miralis urgent quest and talk to the guild master
14 Gem of the Depths Slay a Ceadeus
15 Platinum Blade Hunt an Ivory Lagiacrus (★9 village)
16 Golden Mirror Slay a Goldbeard Ceadeus
17 Jhen Crystal Slay a Jhen Mohran
18 Hallowed Shard Slay a Hallowed Jhen Mohran
19 Obsidian Brooch Hunt a Brachydios
20 Miralis Ring Slay a Dire Miralis
21 Alatreon's Ring Slay an Alatreon
22 Lucent Haori Hunt a Lucent Nargacuga
23 Malnourished Blood Hunt a Savage Deviljho
24 Abyssal Necklace Slay an Abyssal Lagiacrus
25 Old Childhood Mask Obtain all masks and dances for Cha-Cha and Kayamba (Cosmic Mask and Kebab-Boo Mask not needed)
26 Lackey Testimonial Gain level 50 with Cha-Cha
27 Minion Certificate Gain level 50 with Kayamba
28 Chum Charm Reach Chum-Chum level 5
29 Scroll of the Sage Complete every page of the combo book

Bionomical Report

Capture every monster (excluding Abyssal Lagiacrus, Hallowed Jhen Mohran, Jhen Mohran, Goldbeard Ceadeus, Ceadeus, Savage Deviljho, Dire Miralis and Alatreon)
31 Charmsman's Charm Obtain 100 charms
32 Hunter's Progress Clear 20 quests on each map of the game (Misty Peaks, Deserted Island, Flooded Forest, Desert, Volcano, Tundra, Underwater Ruin, Great Desert) and 20 quests combined on the Tainted Sea, the Sacred Land and the Tower
33 Farm Certificate Upgrade all farm components to level 3
34 Argosy License Acquire every rare commodity at least once excluding Atlantis Crab, Bullfango Tusk, Eldest Saturnian and Queen's Needle.
35 Vow of Brotherhood Upgrade all ships to level 3
36 Artisan's Hammer Obtain 10 weapons of each class (10 * 12) upgraded to their maximum level plus 5 G rank armor pieces for each slot
37 Decorative Shield Obtain 20 different interior decoration items
38 Chef's Cauldron Upgrade all food ingredients to level 3
39 Atlantis Crabstone Obtain 1 000 000 village resource points
40 Guild Bouquet Obtain 1 000 000 hunter rank points
41 Poogie Ball Obtain all Poogie outfits
42 Large Crown Kill all silver crown sized monsters (biggest)
43 King's Crown Kill all gold crown sized monsters (biggest)
44 Miniature Crown Kill all gold crown sized monsters (smallest)

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