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MH3U-Hammer Equipment Render 001
Low Rank Blademaster
MH3U-Long Sword Equipment Render 001
High Rank Blademaster
MH3U-Switch Axe Equipment Render 001
G Rank Blademaster
MH3U-Light Bowgun Equipment Render 001
Low Rank Gunner
MH3U-Bow Equipment Render 001
High Rank Gunner
MH3U-Heavy Bowgun Equipment Render 001
G Rank Gunner
||Armor Skills || Armor Combinations|| Miscellaneous/Event Armors||


  • Most armors, Gunner and Blade Master alike, undergo a cosmetic overhaul when they are made from G Rank Materials, making them look pleasantly different from their High & Low Rank equivalents.

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