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Armor Stats

Starting Defense: 190


Fire 10, Water -10, Ice -15, Thunder 0, Dragon 10


Shakalaka Rally (+10), Speed Eating 1 (+10), Razor Sharp (+10), Negate Poison (+10), Defense Down S (-10)


Wroggi Hat S:

3x G.Wroggi Hide+, 2x King's Beak, 1x Bird Wyvern Gem, 6x Hercudrome

Wroggi Mail S:

2x Toxin Sac, 2x G.Wroggi Brace, 2x Wroggi Scale+, 6x Hercudrome

Wroggi Vambraces S:

3x G.Wroggi Brace+, 3x G.Wroggi Hide+, 4x Toxin Sac, 1x Bathycite Ore

Wroggi Faulds S:

4x Wroggi Scale+, 7x Wroggi Hide, 5x Avian Finebone, 3x Bathycite Ore

Wroggi Greaves S

4x G.Wroggi Brace+, 3x G.Wroggi Hide+, 3x G.Wroggi Hide, 4x King Scarab

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