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In game videos in Monster Hunter 3. Newer videos are in bold.

General Videos
Name Video Link
MH3 Opening
Offline Intro
Online Intro

Large Monster Gallery
Small Monster Gallery
MH3 Weapons Gallery

MH3 Armor Gallery

MH3 Monster Montage
Name Video Link
Qurupeco Ecology
Barroth Ecology
Gobul Ecology
Uragaan Ecology
Jhen Moran Ecology
Monster Intro's
Name Video Link
Giant Fish Intro
Chacha Intro
Jaggi Intro
Great Jaggi Intro
Great Baggi Intro
Qurupeco Intro
Ludroth Intro
Barroth Intro
Gobul Intro
Lagiacrus Intro 1
Lagiacrus Intro 2
Royal Ludroth Intro
Gigginox Intro
Diablos Intro
Barioth Intro
Rathian Intro
Rathalos Intro
Uragaan Intro
Ceadeus Intro 1
Ceadeus Intro 2
Alatreon Intro
Name Video Link
Deserted Island
Flooded Forest
Sandy Plains
Tour of the Town

Loc Lac City Intro


Barioth -

Gigginox -

Rathian -

Lagiacrus & Gobul -

Rathalos -

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