Client Request Title Description Resource Pts Requested Items Where to Get To Unlock
Junior Fix Up the Camp! The Guild won't let ya have a stab
at Quests unless we fix the camp up.
Hit the woods and gather Resources!
30 pts N/A

Deliver Raw Meat to Junior

in the Moga Woods

Artisan Smarts & Crafts You've a mind to forge equipment?
Go fetch me some quality Iron Ore!
And don't forget yer Pickaxe, hear!?
  • 1 Iron Ore
  • Mine in D.Island
Clear the "Fix Up the Camp!" request
Junior New Shroom Box! We want to build a Shroom Box for ya
on the Farm. Mind scraping together
the Resources we need?
80 pts N/A

Clear ★1 quest:

"Farm Aid"

Junior New Insect Box! We want to be able to raise useful
bugs for ya in an Insect Box on the
Farm. Just bring us the Resources!
150 pts
  • 1 Monster Fluid
  • Poison and carve Altaroth/Bnahabra

Clear ★2 urgent:

"No Love for Ludroth"

Junior Insecti-pride? Has the Insect Box been useful?
You go collect those Resources,
and we'll make it even better!
400 pts
  • 4 Funky Pheromones
  • 3 Carpenterbug
  • Argosy Trade or kill big insects in Moga Woods
  • Sand Plains bug spots

Clear ★3 urgent:

"Accident Investigation"

Junior A Field Trip? Let's fertilize! Take our Farm to
the next level! If you go get the
Resources, I'll plow it myself!
300 pts
  • 2 Dung
  • 1 Super-sized Dung
  • Gather in D.Island
  • Kill large Aptonoth in MogaWoods

Clear ★2 quest:

"Big Game Hunting"

Junior New Honey Box! "I wish Honey were easier to find!"
That's what everyone thinks. It's no
dream if you go get the Resources!
300 pts
  • 2 Cactus Flower
  • 2 Earth Crystals
  • Gather in Sandy Plains
  • Mine in D.Island

Clear ★3 quest:

"Save Our Boat"

Cha-Cha Fluffy Mask Cha-Cha got plans for a cherrific
new Mask, chum! Maybe me can find
monster with it.
400 pts
  • 2 Qurupeco Feather
  • 2 Warm Pelt
  • 2 Velvety Hide
  • Hunt and carve Qurupeco
  • Carve Kelbi or Popo
  • Carve Giggi or Jellyfish

Clear ★3 quest:

"Playing with Fire"

Cha-Cha Meaty Mask Cha-Cha cook up new Mask idea you
can really chew on! Me be able to
grill meat with it. Cha-char-broil!
400 pts
  • 1 Double BBQ Spit
  • 1 Flintstone
  • 3 Fireherbs
  • Trade with Argosy
  • Hunt Qurupeco (break wing flints)
  • Gather in Sandy Plains

Clear ★3 quest:

"Leading the Charge"

Junior Super Shroom Box The Head Farmer has got some crazy
plan to expand the Shroom Box.
Help us gather the Resources!
500 pts
  • 1 Monster Fluid
  • 3 Shroom Germ+
  • 1 Big Fin
  • Poison and carve Altaroth/Bnahabra
  • Kill Altaroth in MogaWoods
  • Carve Delex or Fish(Tuna or Molid)

Clear ★3 urgent:

"Accident Investigation"


Mystery pot mask

The Farm's been running well lately,
but we want to restore it to its
past glory! Gather those Resources!
500 pts
  • 2 Fertile Mud
  • 2 Super-sized Dung
  • 2 Catalyst
  • Hunt Barroth (drops when mud is destroyed)
  • Kill large Aptonoth in MogaWoods
  • Combine Bitterbug + Honey

Clear ★3 urgent:

"Accident Investigation"

Junior Honey to Burn I hear there's a way to make the
Honey Box bees even more active. Get
those Resources and we'll find out!
400 pts
  • 1 Dash Extract
  • 2 Cactus Flower
  • 2 Bizzy Bees
  • Drop by Royal Ludroth
  • Gather in Sandy Plains
  • Argosy trade

Clear ★3 urgent:

"Accident Investigation"

Cha-Cha Lamp Mask Cha-Cha think of a cheery new Mask
idea! It have a lamp on it to
light your way in dark-dark.
500 pts
  • 1 Flame Sac
  • 1 Gobul Lantern
  • 4 Machalite Ore
  • Hunt Rathian or Rathalos
  • Hunt Gobul (destroy its lantern)
  • Mine in D.Island or Flooded Forest

Clear ★4 quest:

"Dragon Lady"

Junior Calling All Bugs How about we enhance the Insect Box,
to raise even more of 'em? We just
need extra Resources!
500 pts
  • 4 BugMaker! Pro
  • 3 Killer Beetle
  • Argosy Trade
  • Flooded Forest bug spots

Clear ★4 urgent:

"Fell the Lagiacrus!"

Junior The Bee's Knees The Argosy Captain came through!
With this special Honey Box, Moga's
gonna be honey heaven!
500 pts
  • 1 Pale Extract
  • 4 Cactus Flower
  • 2 Bizzy Bees
  • Hunt and carve Gigginox
  • Gather in Sandy Plains
  • Argosy Trade

Clear ★5 quest:

"The Volcano's Fury"

Junior Ancient Mask That Mask behind the Farm... You
might be able to breathe underwater
if we repair it. Get some Resources!
500 pts
  • 2 Lagiacrus Scale
  • 1 Sharqskin
  • 4 Pelagicite Ore
  • Hunt and carve Lagiacrus
  • Weaken and harpoon Sharqs
  • Mine in the Flooded Forest under water.

Clear ★5 quest:

  • "Best the Lava Beasts!"
  • with/and "Heat Exhaustion"
  • or "The Lord of the Seas"
Junior One Chance We're gonna go build a camp above
the great sea dragon's lair. All the
villagers are counting on ya!
1500 pts
  • 2 Flabby Hide
  • 2 Rath Talon
  • 8 Machalite Ore
  • Hunt and carve Gigginox
  • Hunt Rathian or Rathalos
  • Mine in D.Island or Flooded Forest

Clear ★5 quests:

  • "A Bard's Tale"
  • "The Wrath of Rathalos"