Most people want to know how to obtain a crystal path and some of you might even be like: why should i get myself a crystal path?(note that there is no crystal bowgun or longsword)

A crystal path can be obtained fairly soon(after doing 3* Urgent Quest "Accident Investigation"). you will need to have a Jumbo Pearl, which is rare. An easy way to obtain a Jumbo pearl is upgrading one(or more) fishing ships to the max level and wait until the report says: "We made a few upgrades, so we can travel somewhere further.", and send this ship to the newly acquired treasure spot. This ship will generally take a Jumbo Pearl. Now all you have to do is get yourself the other required materials and you got yourself a crystal weapon.

Why do i need to have a Crystal weapon? This has one simple reason: these weapons are THE ONLY way to get a 3 slot weapon(if your online doesn't work you'll have to take the blue version, otherwise it doesn't matter). These weapons also have a reasonable/good attack power and sharpness(and look f*cking awesome). However, these weapons don't have an elemental. The Switch-axe even has an additional reason: it's the easiest way to obtain (halve, this is only in sword mode) dragon elemental, and the only way to obtain a dragon elemental SA until defeating Alatreon.

Links to the weapon paths:

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