Changes and Improvements

  • New Monsters and Monster Types.
  • Monsters have stamina levels
  • Monsters react to various environmental conditions, as well as to other monsters.
  • A new seaport village called Moga Village in offline mode complete with a storyline to ease new players into the game mechanics.
  • Online mode retains the concept of a "City", which acts as a lobby for chatting and meeting with other players, called Loc Lac City (ロックラック街 ).
  • As offline mode progresses, the village will slowly expand with new facilities and access routes for the island.
  • New environments, including the Deserted Isle, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, Tundra, and Volcano.
  • In addition to the water environments, you'll be able to explore dark areas, like caves. To light up your surroundings, you make use of torches. Without torch light, these areas would be too dark for hunting.
  • Battles will now take place on land or underwater.
  • There is an air gauge while swimming.
  • Most of your land-based abilities are available to you while underwater.
  • Old weapons get new actions/movesets: Hammer, Great Sword, Long Sword, Lance, Bowgun, Sword and Shield
  • New weapons: Switch Axe and Medium Bowgun.
  • Removed weapon types: Dual Blades, Hunting Horn, Gunlance, Bow
  • New branching for all weapons/armors.
  • New movements for Hunters.
  • Old monsters get remodeled (Rathian, Rathalos, Diablos).
  • New movements for returning monsters (Rathian, Rathalos, Diablos).
  • 3 Control Variations: PS2-styled, PSP-styled and Wii Remote/Nunchuck style. No support for GameCube Controller.
  • Elemental damage from monsters cause a secondary status effect
  • Different items get different reactions from monsters.
  • Hunt fish underwater using harpoons.
  • Able to cook more than 1 meat at the same time. (With the help of a Double BBQ Spit, or ChaCha and its special mask)
  • Two-player split-screen in coliseum challenges. Similar to the training mode seen on the PSP.
  • The ability to decorate your house. Players can allow other hunters to access their online houses.
  • Able to leave the village and hunt/gather in the nearby forest area without having to accept a Quest.
  • Time throughout the game is evident. (Day and night)
  • Equip various masks and dances to change the way ChaCha reacts in battle.
  • Map resources (herbs/honey/ores/etc) disappear and respawn over time.
  • No more "There is nothing else here." messages when gathering.
  • Can use pickaxes and bug nets without choosing them. At the gathering point, simply press A (classic controller) and you will automatically use a pickaxe or bug net.
  • Monsters will now eat Raw Meat, Paralysis Meat, etc. when tired.

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