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Greatsword Sets

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Hammer Sets

Hg plugs, sharpness +1, AuS, Trapmaster
Defense Name Slots Gem Head 82 Selene Helm+ OOO Attack+5
Torso 82 Selene Mail+ ---
Hands 82 Selene Vambraces+ ---
Waist 82 Selene Coil ---
Feet 80 Vangis Greaves OOO Handicraft+4
Gem Speedsetup+10, Attack+3 Queen Talisman O Attack+1

Skills:High Grade Earplug, Sharpness +1, Attack up (S), Trapmaster.

Resistance: +0 Fire, +19 Water, +15 Ice, -16 Thunder, -20 Dragon

this requires specific talisman but i love the setup show im sharing it :D

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