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Note: This is not the complete skill list. Still a work in progress.

Skill Description Low Rank Armorsets High Rank Armorsets
Health +10 Hi-Metal, Gypceros, Gravios
Health +20 Rathian Gravios+
Health +30 Rathian+/Hi-Metal+
Attack Up (Small) Kut-Ku Kut-Ku+, Diablos+, Dragon
Attack Up (Large) Rathalos, Monoblos Rathalos+


Stealth Shinobi, Hi-Metal+
Provocation Bone, Rathian, Rathalos Rathian+, Rathalos+
Anti-Thief Bone
Anti-Heat Cephalos, Khezu Khezu+, Plesioth+, Gravios+
Anti-Cold Lobster Lobster+
Anti-Wind Diablos Diablos+, Dragon
Hunger Halved Bone, Plesioth Plesioth+
Hunger Negated Shinobi
Hunger x 1.5 Mosswine, Monoblos Diablos+, Hi-Metal+
Stun Duration Halved Vespoid+
Stun Negated Genprey, Monoblos Hornet+
Poison Duration Halved Vespoid+
Poison Negated Ioprey, Hornet Hornet+, Shinobi
Sleep Negated Vespoid Vespoid+
Knockout Probability Halved Kut-Ku+, Lobster+
Knock Out Negated Velociprey
KO Duration Doubled Khezu+, Plesioth+
Farsight Auroros/Borealis
Wide Area Antidote Gypceros
Wide Area Recovery Khezu+
High-Speed Damage Recovery Khezu Rathalos+, Auroros/Borealis, Dragon
Combining Success +10% Steel
Combining Success +20% Steel+
Sharpness Restoration +25% Battle
Sharpness Restoration +50% Auroros/Borealis
Divine Toolsaver Guild/Personal
Gatherer Guild/Personal
Good Luck Guild/Personal

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