Lynians (Japanese 獣人種) are a race of sapient creatures who are native to the land. There are currently only three known Lynian species: the cat-like species which harbor the Melynx and Felyne, the humanoid Shakalaka and the Uruki. They are intelligent, have complex societies, and use a language, although the Shakalaka are more primitive and barbaric, while the felid species tend to live peacefully in democratic societies. Before building more intensive relations with humans, they seem to already have their own civilizations. They can help human hunters during combat.

First Generation Lynians

Second Generation Lynians

Third Generation Lynians

Fourth Generation Lynians

None / Unconfirmed.

Fifth Generations

Frontier Generation Lynians

Monster Hunter Online Lynians

None / Unconfirmed.

Monster Hunter Explore Lynians


  • There are no new Lynians in the Monster Hunter Orage series.
    • There are no new Enemy Lynians in the Third Generation series.
  • There are currently no new Lynians in the Fourth Generation and Monster Hunter Online series.
  • Though there are wild Felynes, Felyne Comrades also exist.
  • Cha-Cha, Kayamba, and Uruki are friendly Lynians.

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