Lute (Japanese リュート) is a novice monster rider seen living in Hakum Village.

MHST-Protagonist (Male) Render 001


Lute is an adventurous boy.


Lute is a novice monster rider interested in exploring the wide open spaces of the world. He wants to explore the world in order to better understand the relationship between monsters and riders. He planned to leave the village with his companion, Navirou, in order for them to venture out together. Now these two are looking for answers about an unexplained phenomenon in the form of a black mist with the help of various individuals they encounter.


Lute wears a red hood that resembles the Rathalos in appearance and wears special equipment for riding monsters.


After returned from the Illusion Tower, Lute received a Rathalos Blademaster Set & Great Sword, which use to belong to his father at his age.


Ratha the Rathalos (Main), Velocidrome, Blue Yian-Kut Ku, Basarios, Glavenus, Tigrex.


  • His female counter part in game is name Sophie (Japanese ソフィー)