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Lucent Nargacuga Equipment


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Weapons

Sword and Shield
MH3U-Sword and Shield Render 010
Eclipse Edge
Indent01 Phecda's Asterism
Dual Blades
MH3U-Dual Blades Render 025
Eclipse Slicers
Indent01 Alkaid's Asterism
Great Sword
MH3U-Great Sword Render 051
Eclipse Blade
Indent01 Merak's Asterism
Long Sword
MH3U-Long Sword Render 009
Eclipse Saber
Indent01 Megrez's Asterism
(?) Eclipse Lance
Indent01 Dubhe's Asterism
Eclipse Gunlance
Indent01 Alioth's Asterism
Switch Axe
MH3U-Switch Axe Render 007
Eclipse Axe
Indent01 Mizar's Asterism
Heavy Bowgun
(?) Eclipse Gambit


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Armor

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