Luce (Japanese ルーチェ) is a Guild Receptionist found on the Wycademy Ship Recon.

MHXX-Wycademy Ship Recon Receptionist 001


Luce has a positive attitude and is highly respectful towards others that she meets. Luce personally describes herself as cheerful and as a motivator.


A young researcher at the Wycademy, Luce was immediately put on the Wycademy Ship Recon the moment it was ready to lift off into the sky, leaving behind some of her friends in Bherna. She now acts as one of the Guild Receptionists on the ship, the other being the Wehner, while also still being a Wycademy student. She gives quests to all sorts of hunters from Low rank to G-rank.


She wears a green uniform for both the Wycademy and Hunter's Guild.


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