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1[Practical Hunting -Long Swords-]

Alright, I'm a hunter... But now what weapon should I be using...? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition, we will cover Long Swords.

2Long Swords appear amazing, but when compared to Great Swords they lack power and the ability to Guard... Or so say many of the Long Sword's detractors. It is true that Long Swords aren't as powerful, and they cannot Guard, so you must be careful in your movements, but they make up for this with number special abilities.
3Unlike Great Swords, Long Swords are very light. This leads to incredible agility. Once drawn, a hunter is still able to run with a Sword at the ready, an ability that cannot be dismissed. For one, it increases the number of opportunities you have to attack is where a Long Sword exhibits its worth.
4While there is a great deal of work to be done when controlling a Long Sword, its range allows you to destroy parts of a monster with ease. Even if a tail or wing is slightly elevated, using a Long Sword makes this simply a matter of aim and slash. Lower targets will also suffer at the hands of a Long Sword's pinpoint accuracy.
5Now allow me to explain the Spirit gauge. As you attack, you charge up the Spirit gauge. If you've charged your Spirit gauge, you can transfer that energy into a powerful attack called a Spirit Blade attack! The more energy charged into the gauge, the stronger the attack will become. Also, when the gauge is blinking, your Sword is supremely sharp.
6The Spirit gauge does reduce as time passes, if it is exhausted, so is the spirit that previously wrapped your Long Sword, and the power your Spirit Blade previously had will evaporate. That is why you must keep an eye on your gauge's status. If you are in a battle with a powerful foe, keep attacking to fill up your gauge and continue raining down pain!
7In another similarity to Great Swords, you must be aware that a Long Sword's damage will change depending on where you land your attacks. If you strike with the sweet spot instead of the hilt or tip of the blade, you are likely to cause more damage than usual. Understanding proper striking ranges, however, only comes with practice.
8A barrage of attacks and deadly range for slicing off parts of a monster! All of these make the Long Sword a formidable weapon. Who says size doesn't matter!?

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