The Light Element is a mixture of Elemental Effects which can be utilized offensively by both hunters and the monster, Zerureusu. It uses the intense heat of flames alongside shocks of lightning to electrify opponents and cause additional damage. However neither element is at full power, only housing 70% of both elements' full power. The Light Element is currently exclusive to the Frontier Series and was introduced at Monster Hunter Frontier G1. Zerureusu are the only monsters capable of using the Light Element.

The Light Element can be infused into weapons to cause additional elemental damage. When a light weapon strikes, it will apply both elemental values at once, but will either release a burst of flame or release a jolt of electricity into the wound, the effect shown will be the one which is most effective on that part of the monster. Light Element can be extremely effective against certain monsters.

Light Element Monsters

Monsters Weak to the Light Element

Image Gallery

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