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A monster that is unknown of category, Laviente remains unclassified and a major mystery though the recently discovered species known as Snake Wyverns may be were it fits in. When Laviente has ran out of food in its environment, its body goes through changes and becomes white in color due to a special blood. This Laviente is known as a Violent Laviente. Some older, more violent Laviente are called Berserk Laviente.

Habitat Range

Laviente are known to be found on the Solitude Islands. It has been said the Solitude Islands once filled with life are now barren due to Laviente feeding after awakening from volcanic activity underwater. After feeding and to rest, Laviente go to the Solitude Island Depths right under the islands.

Ecological Niche

Due to their immense size, Laviente are apex predators capable of feeding on anything they choose. While these creatures can be seen on land, they spend a lot of time underwater and are active hunters.

Biological Adaptations

Laviente look like giant serpents with a head similar in structure to that of a Chinese Dragon. They sport giant tusks that help them to dig underground and are hard like some minerals. Its tail is webbed and has wings at the sides of it neck near the head that are used for swimming. The Laviente are a slow but aggressive species and have been known to deal incredible damage to unprepared hunters. Its roar is so incredibly loud that not even High-Grade Earplugs can protect hunters from it. Its roars can even be heard from miles away. It is so incredibly large that geysers erupt violently as it burrows through the ground. It has the ability to shoot fireballs out of its mouth. The fireball generated from Laviente are very large and very powerful. It also has the ability to ignite explosions as well as the ability to release a cloud of paralyzing bolts that surround the body and stun anything near the creature. Another biological adaptation is a powder similar to that of a Teostra. Like Teostra, this powder explodes when heat is applied. Its bone marrow is said to contain many different unknown materials inside it while its blood is able to cure it from many different poisons.

Interestingly when greatly hungered, it will turn white in color due to a special blood and from starvation.


There is a lot of unknown info about Laviente. The Solitude Island is the only known area that is home to Laviente. Before the Laviente was known the Solitude Island was lush and lively just like the Great Forest but once the volcano erupted, it awakened Laviente from its long hibernation. Laviente are quite gluttonous and can eat their whole food supply in a matter of days before beginning to starve.

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