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Guide Created By: User:Cpue12
For Games:
Rank: Guild LV: ★★★★★★★★

Armor: Any armor that has a defense over 40 and high wind resistance

Guide: Hello hunters of those who fight together or alone this is a guide about the monster Lao-Shan Lung but I will call it Lao for now. Monsters like this make very strong and powerful armor. So to hunt a Lao you must be prepared. Which is why I wrote this guide. First you need is items right well here is what you would need to take with you. Items help you in many ways. Well I bet you thought that was stupid what I just said didnt you . Well anyway here are some of the items


MHF1-Ashen Lao-Shan Lung Render 001

Lao- Shan Lung


Mega Potionx10


Mega Demondrugx5

Mega Armorskinx5(if you want)

Mega Juice

Small Barrel Bombx10

Large Barrel Bombx3

These are all the items you need but if you want you could add more to carry. Now the next thing is weapons. The main and important weapon of all is your head without it your dead. Ok let get to the real weapons now. Lao weakness are fire and dragon which means you need a long sword that has one of those elements. I will put it as equipments and I will choose the best weapons for you in the High Rank.


High Rank:


Lao Weakness Spots

Lion King Saber is what I suggest for the first time fightning or the weaker version Lion Dance Saber, both good fire element long swords

Black Scythe is not really good but its the only availiable dragon element long sword which is why I rather use a fire element long sword first

For armor I would use a Tigrex Arrmor Set

So since this is cleared I would tell you how to slay it or repel the Lao it kinda simple just hit his head until he flinch twice and then keep hitting his stomach with a spirit combo. Hope this help. Happy slaying.^_^


Tigrex Armor Set

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