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Guide to bowing Lao-Shan

Lao-Shan has an enormous amount of health, but it is extremily large making hitting it very easy.


Monster hunter portable 2nd g cutting.boss
  1. For Bows with the scatter effect in its final charges, it is much easier to get off shots at the belly where most melee weapons attack.
  2. For Bows with the rapid effects in their final charges, aim for the legs and when on higher platforms, the area of the back where a player places the anti dragon bombs is the weakest.
  3. For Bows with the piercing shots in its final charges, aim for the back and stomach. You may also try for the neck, as it may give more hits. Unlike both of the other shot types, peircing does multihit damage and you may use it further away and hit the back without standing on platforms.

Useful skills:

  • Quake resistance: against the feet you may get caught with the awful tail, if you have the higher quake resistance, you can have an easier time attacking more accuratily.
  • Quick charge: This allows you to get more shots off within the time limit, more shots more damage.
  • Evade distance up: this allows you to backstep enough to keep up with the lao shan's quicker walking (rage mode).
  • Capacity: This adds another charge to your bow, and those shots deal out a lot more damage than the other charges.

Items: Other than the basic requirements

  • Mega Juices: The bow uses a lot of stamina, imagine if that wasn't a factor during the fight...
  • Large barrel bombs: bombs' damages are like gunlance shells, they aren't effected by the defence, what if the lao shan had walked over them... a bow could hit both the legs, stomach, and upper body in one impact...

Notes and Farming help:

  • Rubies: Remember it is a two percent chance to get a ruby in the awards without breaking any parts, but each part is around 4%, not to mention you can carve 9 times...
  • The Face: This is not a weak part but it does break twice, don't be fooled because it roars a lot when you hit the face, it isn't a great place to hit!
  • The Feet: Not many people know this but the feet make the lao shan fall down, warning this hurt any friends attacking underneath it, but the bowman is ineffected...
  • Elements: The secondary elements are useless and have NO EFFECT, but the dragon element found in the white fatalis and akantor bows does a lot of damage as it has negative resistance to it. Lao also has no defence against fire, which could be exploited...
  • Affinity: Things like the Narga bow are extremily useful as the affinity makes up for the lack of an element, and may do even more damage than most elements with a critical shot, how ever the tigrex bow despite it's power can't be as effective as it would see because of its negative affinity.

Creator of Guide: Jonathon2goals

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