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1[Practical Hunting -Lao-Shan Lung Info-]

While the Guild does provide Quests to experienced hunters that involve slaying of elder dragons, these Quests have a number of very specific points with which they differ from normal Quests. These points have been collected here for the benefit of all hunters.

2This section will cover the elder dragon known as Lao-Shan Lung. Wandering between a set number of habitats, the Guild is extremely well acquainted with this mountain-like giant of a dragon.
3While we are unsure why the Lao-Shan Lung seems to wander so aimlessly, the simple movement of a monster this big can cause calamities of epic proportions. To minimize the damage the dragon causes, we have established a Fort along one of its known routes, and mobilize hunters to repel its advance when it is known to be approaching.
4If Lao-Shan Lung is restrained for a long enough time, it will tire and change its route. Thus it need not be slain, only repelled. To that end, the Fort is equipped with siege weapons such as the Ballista and Great Cannon, and the ultimate weapon known as the Dragonator. These help in the fight, but it is the power of each hunter that matters.
5Also of note, it is possible to ride upon a Lao-Shan Lung as it passes by lookout posts established along its route. In doing this, you can carve away scales or shell while on its back. Also, with a specially created munition you can actually attach yourself to the monster.
6Speaking of the Fort, it is also used as a line of defense against giant Carapaceons. The Guild humbly requests that all hunters within the area of the Fort be prepared to come into its service at a moment's notice.

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