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MH3: Arena Music Theme
MHP3-Land Arena Map

Land Arena Map (MHP3rd)


Land Arena Map (MH3)

This arena first appeared in Monster Hunter Tri. Unlike previous arenas, this one includes a Dragonator, although it can only be used in special online event Quests, like Dual Diablos or the Dual Deviljho event. In the middle of the arena, there is a gathering spot where you can find 2 Lifepowders. There are also 3 more gathering spots around the arena's edge. One contains 2 EZ Flash Bombs and the other two contain 2 Mega Potions each, the Land Arena reappeared in all subsequent 3rd gen games.

This area is also the main setting for Co-Op Challenges (2 players) and some Event Quests (4 players).


Monster Hunter Tri

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