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1[Practical Hunting -Lance-]

Alright, I'm a hunter... But now what weapon should I be using...!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition, we will cover the Lance.

2There are many people who feel a Lance is too slow and that its attacks are too simple, but the truth is this weapon has great potential. Sure when it is drawn, a Lance slows you down, and other weapons have a wider range of attacks: however, a Lance has great Guard ability, charging attacks, and combos.
3Thanks to its large shield, using a Lance to block a wyvern's attack will not break your stance. Moreover, by holding the (Right Bumper) button, you can move and attack while Guarding.
4You can also press the (Triangle) button + (Circle) button to execute a charge attack. Use this attack to break out from a siege by small monsters, or to damage a wyvern from head to tail by running it through.
5You can string together up to three standard thrusting attacks, and by pressing the (X) button plus the analog stick left, right, or backwards, you can dodge in any of these three directions. This move is not only to avoid an enemy, but also to gain small advantages in position.
6Lance users are also granted the privilege of executing consecutive evades. During an evade, you can execute another evade by using the (X) button. You can connect up to three of these defensive maneuvers in a row. Evade in the same direction, or side to side to put an enemy at the perfect distance for an attack.
7With top quality Guard, strong attacks, and adjustable combos, the Lance is said to be an incredibly balanced weapon. Moreover, it has a longer reach than other weapons and it can cut through armor with its exceptional Sharpness. One can't say enough great things about Lances.
8Terrific balance. An all-purpose weapon. That is a Lance. Shouldn't you take a stab at using one?

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