Lagombi Armor
General Information
MHST-Lagombi Armor (Male) Render 001
Gender Male / Female
Rarity 3
Total Defenses
Initial Defense 26
Maximum Defense 57
Fire Resistance 0
Water Resistance 0
Thunder Resistance 0
Ice Resistance 3
Dragon Resistance 0
Armor Skills English Cold Res, Ice Boost (M)
Japanese 耐寒, 氷属性攻撃強化【中】
Description Madе from thе warm fur of thе Lagombi, that glidеs frееly across thе icе. Thе purе whitе fur is incrеdibly soft on thе skin.


Materials Required Cost
Material 1 Lagombi x8pts 2500z
Material 2

Level Upgrades

Level Required Materials Defense Cost per Upgrade
1 Material 1 Lagombi x4pts 31 2100z
Material 2 Ice Crystal x5pts
2 Material 1 Lagombi x5pts 36 2500z
Material 2 Bulldrome x10pts
3 Material 1 Lagombi x6pts 41 2900z
Material 2 Tigrex x10pts
4 Material 1 Lagombi x8pts 57 3300z
Material 2 Recognition Letter x1pts
Total Materials Required:
  • Lagombi x23pts
  • Ice Crystal x5pts
  • Bulldrome x10pts
  • Tigrex x10pts
  • Recognition Letter x1pts
Total Cost:


Armor Path:
Upgraded From: Upgrades Into:
N/A Lagombi Armor Lagombi Armor+
Level Required Materials Defense Cost per Upgrade
MAX Material 1 Lagombi+ x5pts 75 4500z
Material 2
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