Guide Made By: Hunter_Creed

Guide For: Lagiacrus

Rank: Low (Elder/HR2)

Weapon Type: Lance- ML001: Baltzenger

Armor Barroth Armor + Hunger Charm

Guide: Lagiacrus used to be the worst thing ever until I discovered the joy of "Lancing".

Why the Lance?

If there is one thing Lagiacrus does well, it's attack. He can jump from one side of the zone to the other, he is bruntal up close and deadly at range. To take him on you need defense. The Lance has the best in the game, giving you complete protection execpt for your rear. Better, you can move AND attack while defending.

Okay, but why the ML001?

Two reasons: 1) Easy to make. Do the DLC Bullfango quest a bunch of times and carve every Bullfango you bring down. 2) Really potent fire element which the big L is weak to.

What about the Armor?

Barroth is a sucker for heat shots with a hammer, so he's really easy to kill (if you get an Ice Based hammer you've got less than a 15min kill if you keep popping him in the face). But his armor is great for most low rank stuff. Attack and defense buff with the down side being hunger. If you've come across a talisman for boosting the hunger stat, wear it. Then you can decide if you want to put decorations in attack or defense.

What Items should I bring:

Mega Potion, Trapping gear (if you want to trap), Whetstones, Steaks, and of course flash bombs if you have them avalible.

Okay, got all that, now how do I kill Lagiacrus?

This is the easy part. The first thing you need is to be patient. Always have that shield up and moving towards him. Attacks will be absorbed by your shield and your stamina will recover whenever you attack or move, even while defending. The idea is that you will be right up agaist Lagiacrus' body shielding, and attacking. Only break when he is about to attack so your shield can take the hit. When under water, I ONLY attack with my shield up. Remember this: when he does his electric field attack, after it hits your shield, he will still have energy flowing around him but it won't do any damage. There is your opening for good attacks.

When he is out of the water, Block his attack, and then either tripple strike him, then return to your guard, or charge him. He is a big guy with lots of places  to 'get stuck on' and hit multipule times.

And that's really it. Here's a break down:

- Keep your shield up.

- Only attack when your shield is raised under water.

- On land, let HIM attack first, block it with your shield, then attack him with either a 3 hit combo or charge attack.

- After your attack raise your shield back up and wait for him to attack.

This is one of the few monsters that playing defensive is the easiest way to win. I'm sure there are tricks with other weapons, but the ML001 killed him so quickly and without any faints, that I don't mind the play style.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


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