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Lagiacrus is a Leviathan introduced in Monster Hunter 3.

MHGen-Lagiacrus Render 001


When a Lagiacrus is fully sunbathed, it turns a dry grayish-blue color and its dermal spikes turn a pale red, such as in the picture above. When it returns to the water, Lagiacrus regains a striking deep blue color and its spikes return to their original color of a very light beige.


The dermal spikes on its back glow white when it is using strong thunder attacks, and its mouth gurgles with Thunder when it is enraged.


Lagiacrus is found only at the Deserted Island and Flooded Forest. It's most at home underwater, but is more than capable of fighting on land.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
First US / EU Appearance: First JP Appearance: Latest Appearance:
Logo-MH3 EN (2010) Logo-MH3 JP (2009) Logo-MHX JP (2015)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3
MH3-Lagiacrus Icon Known as Sea Wyverns, Lagiacrus are at the top of the aquatic food chain. Feared by sailors as 'The Lords of the Seas', they store enough electricity in their spinal organs to make the oceans surge. Occasionally seen resting on land.
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Lagiacrus Icon Leviathans that exist at the top of the aquatic food chain. Feared by sailors as the "Lords of the Seas", Lagiacrus store enough electricity in their spinal organs to make the oceans surge. Occasionally they can be found resting on land as well.
Monster Hunter Generations
MHGen-Lagiacrus Icon (?)
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★

Breakable Parts


Element/Status Effectiveness

Element Damage
Hitzone Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
Head 15 0 0 5 5
Neck 15 0 0 5 5
Back 25 0 0 15 15
Body 30 0 0 10 10
Tail 15 0 0 5 5
Foot 15 0 0 5 5
Status Effect
Poison Paralysis Sleep Fatigue Stun
Initial Tolerance 180 180 180 180 150
Tolerance Inc. (max) +130 (700) +150 (780) +130 (700) +120 (660) +150 (750)
Tolerance Recovery 5/ 10 sec 5/ 10 sec 5/ 10 sec 5/ 10 sec 5/ 10 sec
Duration 60 sec 10 sec 30 sec --- 10 sec
Damage 150 + 5 --- --- 200 ---

Item Effectiveness

Item Effect
Item Name Able Effectiveness Duration (1st time) Duration (2nd time) Notes
Pitfall Trap ★☆☆ Works only when on land.
Shock Trap ★★☆ Works on land and underwater.
Flash Bomb ★★☆
Sonic Bomb ★☆☆ Flinches and drops a shiny item
Dung Bomb ★★☆
Meat x ☆☆☆

Damage Effectiveness

For the damage formula (how it's calculated), hitzone charts, Lagiacrus info and more click the following links: Monster Hunter 3 Damage Formula or Monster Hunter 3 Hitzone Charts. Images created by Inkoseh.


  • Lagiacrus shares many conditions with Rathalos:
    • Both held the title of a flagship monster.
    • Even though they are flagship monsters, they don't have their own theme music.
    • Both are weak to each other's elemental powers.
    • Both appear in Tri's opening movie.
    • Both have their subspecies appear in MH3U's opening.
    • Both have a subspecies that inhabits the same habitat as them and a rare species that shares habitats with Elder Dragons.
    • Both are the only old flagship monsters that can be fought in 3U's low ranked quests.
  • Breaking its dermal spikes reduces its ability to use electrical attacks.
  • When low on stamina, it will fail to use its electrical charge attacks.
  • Hitting Lagiacrus with any kind of bomb (including Sonic Bombs and Crag/Cluster shots) underwater, may cause it to drop an item.
  • A Lagiacrus either will eat an Epioth, or come up on land for air to recover Stamina - however, both often give no indication of Stamina recovery.
  • The Lagiacrus is the biggest Leviathan that dwells in the water, since the Ceadeus is considered an Elder Dragon.
  • When Lagiacrus hits an underwater pillar or a rock and destroys it, it may drop an item (Offline mode only).
  • Lagiacrus' roar requires Earplugs to block.
  • Lagiacrus does not return in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. However, it does appear in MH Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village, and returns in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and MH Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village G.

  • Lagiacrus is the first Leviathan of its kind to be encountered in Monster Hunter 3.
  • When encountered for the first time offline, in the 1* Village Quest: "Guts- It's What's for Dinner"; Lagiacrus cannot be killed. Its body parts can be broken, and its tail can be carved, but it will only go as far as limping, and cannot be killed until the Urgent Quest in the Village.
  • When present in Deserted Island , Lagiacrus will, on rare occasion, leave the water and venture no further inland than Area 5.
  • Even if the Lagiacrus' tail is cut or its parts broken in the "Trial of the Sea Dragon" urgent quest, it will return in "Fell the Lagiacrus" healed and unwounded.
  • The Lagiacrus is one of the only two monsters in Monster Hunter Tri to have a weapon in every category. The other is Alatreon.

  • When enraged, thunder will surge around its horns.
  • Lagiacrus will prey on Kelbi to recover stamina.

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