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General Description

Armor Piece Description
Kushala Glare X Helmet made from Kushala Daora materials. Its hardness exceeds even steel.
Kushala Vise X Armor made from steel-like Kushala Daora. It is said to be a material clad in wind.
Kushala Embrace X Made from Kushala Daora.Its weight and strength make it the choice of masters.
Kushala Wind Wrap X Waist armor said to wrap its user in the winds that surround Kushala Daora,
Kushala Shank X Made from Kushala Daora material. Winds of Daora stop it from feeling heavy.


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Kushala Glare X 24000z
Kushala Vise X 24000z
Kushala Embrace X 24000z
Kushala Wind Wrap X 24000z
Kushala Shank X 24000z
Total 120000z


Armor Defense (Lvl 1) Fire Thd Drg Wat Ice
Kushala Glare X 48 2 -2 -2 3 5
Kushala Vise X 48 2 -2 -2 3 5
Kushala Embrace X 48 2 -2 -2 3 5
Kushala Wind Wrap X 48 2 -2 -2 3 5
Kushala Shank X 48 2 -2 -2 3 5
Complete Set 240 10 -10 -10 15 25


Armor Recoil AntiFirDrg Reload Poison Slots
Kushala Glare X 2
Kushala Vise X 2
Kushala Embrace X 2
Kushala Wind Wrap X 2
Kushala Shank X 2
Complete Set 10

A full set of Kushala X armor provides:

  • Reloading Speed +1
  • Metallic Protection
  • Recoil Reduction +1
  • Poison Dur[x2]

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