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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

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A metal plated dragon known as the tempest of wind. It is said that if Kushala Daora is poisoned, its wind abilities decrease. Eyewitnesses report violent storms alongside the dragon, and its wide range means towns may be attacked.


  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Steel Dragon
  • Family: Kushala

Kushala Daora are powerful Elder Dragons that control the very weather around them. Only several subspecies are known along with another breed of Kushala Daora known as Garuba Daora and their rare variant Rusted Kushala Daora.

Habitat Range

The Kushala Daora's movement pattern means it appears in a wide range of habitats in the Old World. From the Snowy MountainsJungle, DunesTower SummitFrozen SeawayEverwood, Polar Field, Heaven's Mount, to the Desert. It has also been spotted around the Town area (north of Dundorma). Though rarely seen Kushala Daora do travel through the Great Forest. In the New World, they can be seen in the Ancient Forest and the Elder's Recess.

Ecological Niche

Kushala Daora are rare top predators, and fear almost nothing. However, it is occasionally threatened by the large, fast and aggressive Tigrex and the rare powerful Rajang. They can compete with other elder dragons, especially Chameleos in the Jungle. When in the Desert these dragons may prey on the local Apceros, Genprey, Cephalos, and Cephadrome. However they have to be wary of Kuarusepusu, fellow elder dragons Teostra, LunastraRukodiora and Harudomerugu along with the extremely large and powerful flightless wyvern Odibatorasu as these behemoths are more than a match for even the strongest Kushala Daora. There are reports of Kushala Daora eating mineral deposits, this may show how they manage to have a metal rust-able skin.

In the New World, Kushala Daora easily assert themselves as one of the top predators of the Ancient Forest and the Elder's Recess. Most monsters would choose to stay away from the Elder Dragon, with the exception of some other powerful monsters. These monsters include the likes of Bazelgeuse ,Deviljho and Teostra. It is also in the Elder's Recess where they have to be cautious of the Elder Dragon-killer, Nergigante, which have been seen consuming Kushala Daora.

Nevertheless, Kushala Daora remain powerful predators in whatever habitat they are residing in and are more than capable of taking out their competition if necessary.

Biological Adaptions

Kushala Daora possesses some of the largest wings of any monster. It uses these to sail effortlessly in the air. It can hover off the ground and blast hunters with wind. It uses a special organ to produce its famous wind based-attacks and abilities. When hit with poison, its organ will be weak and its shield will disappear for a short period of time while fighting the toxins. Kushala Daora have tough, metal filled skin, but suffer from a severe weakness to poison, which can easily enter the bloodstream through cracks created in the skin. Kushala Daora must infrequently shed their trademark skin as they grow. This can easily be spotted as the once shining silver scales will rust over due to oxidation with air. The most well-known ability about Kushala Daora is the storms it summons. These storms can easily destroy whole regions, varying from region to region. Kushala Daora can cause sandstorms, hurricanes, and snowstorms though it is unknown how.

In Val Harbor's region, it has been said that the Kushala Daoras can actually breath ice, even when not in cold environments. This suggest that these Kushala Daoras might be subspecies. It has even been said that there maybe several different subspecies of them since the skin on a few Rusted Kushala Daora are different from each other.

Some extra rare individuals have increased storm and wind-creating abilities. Such as creating multiple free-roaming tornados and wind tunnels under multiple targets all at once using its wings to control the wind flow, they are able to blow a breath that is both extremely strong and cold to the point of freezing the ground and water it has breathed on, the ability to glide at high speed while creating a wind tunnel and freezing anything bellow and the ability to weaken armor when in close range during a roar, though how is unknown. They also appear different they have a more shiny shell skin, slightly larger wings, yellow, more visible shining eyes and their noses have a red tint.


Like other Elder Dragons, Kushala Daora are highly aggressive. However, in the New World, they are normally calm, even when hunters apporach and get close to it. Only when attacked, it will become aggressive.