Kokoto Chief (Japanese ココット村の村長) is a legendary hunter who is now the chief of Kokoto Village.

MHGen-Kokoto Chief Render 001


At one time, he was adventurous and didn't fear any challenges. Nowadays, Kokoto Chief doesn't really show too many emotions.


In his youth, Kokoto Chief was a legendary hunter that helped shape hunting today. In older times, the Hunter's Guild didn't have any real rules like today. He was known to specialize in the Sword and Shield and slaying rare monsters like Monoblos which gave him the nickname, Hero of Kokoto (Japanese 英雄).

From the beginning of his hunting career, he loved hunting together with his three companions and his wife, even allowing her to attend some hunts. This sadly led to an incident only known as the Five. Today, Kokoto Chief is retired and watches over Kokoto Village. Kokoto Chief also now trains the next generation of hunters.


He wears a robe with the village's colors.


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