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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

MHFU-Shakalaka Icon
A crown-like object sits upon this leader of the Shakalaka's brow. Many a skilled hunter have been frustrated by the minions it attracts to its side. But be wary, for it's one powerful foe. When infuriated, it will unleash an unimaginably strong attack.


  • Order: Miscellaneous Diet
  • Superfamily: Unknown
  • Family: Shakalaka
  • Species: King Shakalaka

King Shakalaka is the Lynian leader of the Shakalaka.

Habitat Range

The King Shakalaka's habitat is technically in the same place as its minions, but this creature is spotted in Forest and Hills, and the Great Forest regions.

Ecological Niche

The King Shakalaka has the same ecological niche as its minions, the Shakalaka, do.

Biological Adaptations

He can put hunters to sleep, like his Shakalaka brethren, however he appears to have lost the ability to poison hunters. Also, the King Shakalaka has extraordinary endurance which belies its size. Combine this with its muscle power, and it may be assumed that, somehow, it has developed a "berserker-esque" sense which allows it to block out pain, and continue fighting through rigorous physical demands which would have most Shakalaka defeated. To attack, he thoroughly clobbers his foes with a steak from another victim.


The King Shakalaka is an aggressive leader when the Shakalakas fight alongside with him. Its leadership skill came in his bond shared between he and his minions, but the Shakalaka leader relies on teamwork in order to bring down an intruder such as Velociprey and other small sized monsters. This creature shows no sign of fear towards humans. It will harass the intruder who enter its domain with the help of its minions. The creature hates to be provoked by something else. Many secrets about this powerful leader are unknown to many hunters...

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