Kelbi Stingshot (MH3U)
[[Image:]] Attack 168 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Special (Status Effect-Slimeblight MH3U Icon 150) 10500 -
Defense Bonus - Required Materials
Affinity 0% High-quality Pelt x1,
Kelbi Horn x4,
Duramboros Horn x4
Coating Boost None
Charge Levels S2, S3, R3
Arc Blast
Coatings ItemIcon040ItemIcon040aItemIcon040bItemIcon040cItemIcon040dItemIcon040eItemIcon040g
Slots O O -
Rarity 4
Description An extremely rare Bow made of Kelbi horns. It fires steel pellets rather than arrows.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> Kelbi Stingshot >> Upgraded Into
N/A Kelbi Strongshot
Bow Weapon Tree

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