In-game description

Armor Piece Description
Head1Kaiser Crown S ?
Chest1Kaiser Mail S ?
Hands1Kaiser Vambraces S ?
Waist1Kaiser Tasset S ?
Legs1Kaiser Greaves S ?


Armor Piece Items Required Cost
Head1Kaiser Crown S 21000z
Chest1Kaiser Mail S 21000z
Hands1Kaiser Vambraces S 21000z
Waist1Kaiser Tasset S

Fire Drgn Scl+(4) Teostra Mane(2) Firecell Stone(2) ElderDragonBlood(3)|| 21000z

Legs1KaiserGreaves S 21000z
Total 105000z

Armor Skills

Armor Piece Slots Skill Points
Kaiser Crown S 0 Fatigue +2, Expert +5, Cold Res -2
Kaiser Mail S 0 Fatigue +2, Expert +3, Cold Res -2
Kaiser Braces S 00 Fatigue +2, Expert +3, Cold Res -2
Kaiser Tasset S 0 Fatigue +2, Expert +5, Cold Res -2
Kaiser Greaves S 0 Fatigue +2, Expert +5, Cold Res -2
Total 7 Fatigue: +10, Expert: +21, Cold Res: -10

The armor gives the following skills:

  1. Fatigue Cancelled: Immune to Fatigue
  2. Reckles Abandon +3: +30% Affinity
  3. Cold Inc [Lo]: Stamina decreases 50% faster in cold area


  • None

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