Carve Rates

Upper Rank

Body Carves+ (x8)
Item Name
Mohran Carapace 50%
Mohran Scale+ 32%
Sturdy Fang+ 14%
Earth Dragongem 4%
Inside Mouth Carves+ (x2)
Mohran Scale+ 49%
Quality Fin 27%
Monster Guts 23%
Earth Dragongem 1%
Wound Rewards+
Destroy Item Name
Tusks Sturdy Fang+ 96%
Earthdragongem 4%
Mohran Carapace 46%
Mohran Scale+ 25%
Elderdragonblood 15%
Bathycite Ore 14%
Arms Mohran Brace+ 75%
Mohran Scale+ 15%
Elderdragonblood 10%

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