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Jade Barroth
Card Master 8
English: Jade Barroth
Japanese: ボルボロス亜種
(Boruborosu Ashu)
Nicknames: Ice Barroth
English: Ice Crushing Wyvern
Japanese: 氷砕竜
General Information
Species: Brute Wyvern
Element/s: Status Effect-Iceblight MH4 Icon Ice
Ailment/s: StatusEffect16 Snowman
Status Effect-Iceblight MH4 Icon Iceblight
Weakest to: Status Effect-Fireblight MH4 Icon Fire (with snow)
Status Effect-Thunderblight MH4 Icon Thunder (without snow)
Weakness Sign: Limping
Signature Move: U-Turn Charge
Habitats: Tundra
Monster Size: Gold Crown Large 1744.3 cm
Gold Crown Small 1266.0 cm
Monsters in Relation: Barroth
Generation: Third

Jade Barroth is a blue and green subspecies of Barroth that lives in the Tundra.



Known as Ice Crushing Wyverns, they cover themselves in snow for protection, in much the same way Barroth cover themselves in mud. The Jade Barroth's crown is also somewhat larger than its desert cousin.


The Jade Barroth is capable of performing U-turn charges through the snow, head slams and shaking off its snow to inflict Snowman on the Hunter.


Jade Barroth are somewhat temperamental creatures that prefer a wide berth and can be docile if not provoked. But if angered, these creatures can be living nightmares, as they will relentlessly charge, bite, tail whip, and stomp their targets until they are dead.


Unlike their bog-dwelling relatives of the Sandy Plains, the Jade Barroth inhabit the frozen wasteland of the Tundra. Here, these large theropods live a tough life as food can be incredibly hard to come by along with having to deal with the large local predators that inhabit the environment.

Item/Status Effectiveness

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Damage Effectiveness

This data was directly taken from the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Demo Version. DMG-IcyBarroth

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
MHP3-Jade Barroth Icon 凍土に生息する、ボルボロスの亜種。通常種の泥と同様に、雪や氷を体表にまとい、それを振り飛ばして攻撃を行う場合があるため注意が必要。発達した頭殻を氷に叩きつけるような行動をとる事から“氷砕竜”の異名を持つ。主食はブナハブラ。
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Jade Barroth Icon A subspecies of Barroth found in colder climates. Lacking mud, they coat themselves with snow and ice, which can be flung at perceived threats. They are known for bashing their overgrown crowns into the ice, and subsist primarily on Bnahabra.


  • Jade Barroth eats from Bnahabra nests near the ground to recover Stamina.
  • Just like the normal Barroth, its scalp can be broken off and carved.
  • Instead of rolling in mud like its desert relative, it rolls in snow, inflicting Snowman instead of Muddy.
  • Similarly to its desert counterpart, ice can be knocked off of its body, which occasionally results in a Shiny Drop (Wyvern Tears, Lrg Wyvern Tears and Frozen Globs).

Unlike Barroth, Jade Barroth's scalp has some pieces of it missing on the rim of it.

  • It has some new attacks, one of which involves it tossing three large chunks at the Hunter using its head. Jade Barroth's most notable new move is a powerful charge that can perform a U-turn. The Jade Barroth also has another unique attack, where it slams its head, causing ice to splash out, then quickly moves backwards and slams again.

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