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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Information

MHFU-Iodrome Icon
The alpha monster that leads an Ioprey pack. They are larger and have a more prominent head crest. Found in subtropical zones, they spit a poison that can sap the life force of prey.


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Bird Feet
  • Infraorder: Runner Wyvern
  • Family: Ioprey

The Iodrome is a Subspecies of Velocidrome that leads the Ioprey. Its closest relatives are Gendrome and Giadrome.

Habitat Range

The Iodrome can be seen in many places, namely Swamp, Volcano, EverwoodPrimal ForestHeaven's Mount and the Old Jungle.

Ecological Niche

Iodrome primarily feed on Neopterons, which is the reason why they have developed their poisonous sac, along with Apceros, Slagtoth, and carrion. However, these theropods must avoid being preyed upon themselves by larger predators immune to their poison like Baruragaru.

Biological Adaptations

Unlike other their relatives, Iodrome have a poison sac inside their throat that allows them to spit toxic poison at prey. This has also made their small fangs poisonous when biting into prey. Even their scales and bones are filled with poison for defense against predators. Iodrome poison is stronger than Ioprey poison and it can even kill Ioprey in near minutes. The crest on their head is said to have some type of use but what it is used for is unknown.


The Iodrome is territorial known as a deadly trouble for miners as it loves tunnels.

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